Thursday, 20 December 2007

The sacrificing

So, comes the sacrificial animals slaughtering, as naturally follows aidl adha. There is actually such an encouraging lesson behind all these , y'know. Here's how it goes:

For you who's not yet familiar with the story, the sacrificial started by a story of the prophet Abraham/Ibrahim as. been told by God to slay his son, the prophet Ismail/Ishmael as. As an offering to God, just like Abel/Abil and Cain/Qabil did so long ago. Actually, God just wanted to test Abraham's faith. Of course, God didn't immediately spoil the true intention He had been keeping until Abraham went to actually carry the order.

C'mon, gutting your own child? Well, after a little father-and-son debacle that thank God ended well, they did go to do the slaughtering.

Just at the nick of time (the knife's saying hello to Ismail's neck), God told them to halt and send them a goat/sheep. So the tradition goes untill the present day. The father and the son survived and continued to live happily after that.

How about if i say: When it's something you believe to be good because God deems it so, then do it! Even against all odds. Trust Him, in the end, He might suddenly send you His miracle. And all turns well. Even better. And beautiful.

Keep fighting the good fight, whoever read this. To the last bullet.

Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Sacrificial night

Noo, it's not as horrid as it sounds. It is just...the night filled with takbir (the loud chanting of Lord's praise). Of course. It's aidl adha. Complete with the extra morning prayer.

Yes, aidl adha. Based on two persons who willingly sacrificed everything they owned. Their very lives.

Can we still encounter that kind of people? I ask myself too.

Monday, 17 December 2007


Do you ever study or heard, at least read perhaps, of this thing called blackhole? It's well detailed in Stephen Hawking's book A Brief History Of Time (or Of Universe? Sorry, i forget). It's say a rupture in the fabric or the material of this universe itself, suppose we take our universe as a cloth or something like it. It's not actually black, it just absorb everything including light by its enormous gravity, thus we cannot even perceive its existence except by special apparatus, like gamma ray detector.

So, there it goes. Blackholes possess and exert tremendous gravity. They are like pockmarks in this universe. You can find them in unpredicted places. But then, Stepehn mentioned, back by many investigation, theories i have read myself (i'll be glad if you give me more inputs on this), that things as we know in this universe, all are ellpitical, roundlike, in motion. Let's take a look. The smallest thing we know, quark, are a bunch of tiny balls, one acting as the center, the going round that center. The assembly of quarks produce neutron, again acting as center, proton, as the positively charged static satellites of neutron, and electron, the source of electricity, orbiting around neutron and proton. The assembly of that constellation make atom. Several atoms produces molecules. Molecules produces agents, such as carbon, iron. Any certain composition of them make roks, woods, the tissues i our bodies (like retina, hair, etc). We, the thing composed of all those, inhabit earth. Planets, again, orbiting a center, a star, sun in our solar system. The explanation goes: several solar systems also have a center and satellites (orbiting celestial bodies) system too. One solar system as the center, several other as the satelites. Again, several of this organization compose a galaxy. Then again, several galaxies make the same center and satellits system.

Then i read once in a Kawanku magazine, that garvity could actually be immitated. How? Simple. Put a massively dense object as the center, then put several other much smaller objects around it and make them move orbitibg the previous center. You'll have centrifugal and centripetal force, and you'll have gravity, God permits.

Look at those people doing ta'waf. Suppose ka'bah is the radio to reach God, and we all go orbiting it...what if i say that if we put God as the center of our lives, then we'll have a life with clear way? We'll never go unstable. We will have a lear path, with a clear destination, because we're bounded by the force that will keep us on track. Never fall outside, nor inside.

See how aikido and tai chi warriors fight. They always put themselves as the center, making circular movements, harmonizing with their attackers.

Then, shouldn't we wonder, "but what keeps all these galaxies in their respective place?"

Well, how about the blackholes? They are the end products of star dying after glowing for so long a times. Their positions, somehow, make them with their gravitational power some anchors for the rest of the celestial beings. Other galaxies, planets, the active ones.

Who calculated their positions, let even that they do have purpose of existence afterall?

Blackholes are actually massive themselves. So, massive things are naturally determined to be the center of the surrounding thinhs, eh...? How about good, smart, wise people, naturally become the buoys, the lighthouse, for the surrounding environment? Including people around them? Aren't good values always encompass others, to recognize those values, to eventually practice those values, and so make their ownselves new centers in the end, thus spreading goodness? Prophets, apostles, scientists, sages of the past have proven the liability of this idea. Why don't we start ourselves?

Ah, isn't God great...= )?

Daily miracle 1#

Do any of us ever wonder:
Why God leaves us? Paying us no attention? Deserts us in the midst of battle, etc...?

Then i ask ourselves:
Do we ever realize, how God comes with His miracles in unpredictable times? When you're sad, suddenly someone out of nowhere approaches you and bring you goodness and kindness, even if just in the form of offering a candy...

When we're about to kill someone innocent or have sex to someone not yet married with us, suddenly we hear the call for prayer...

So let's help each other. Strenghten each other. Appreciate God, remember Him. We can start by not neglecting His favour in us. Including the people He sends to us. Don't waste them in vain.

Friday, 7 December 2007

One flew apart from the team

A friend of mine, laying on hospital bed, phoned me last afternoon. To announce the death of another close friend of ours.

The passing guy was around 27 years old. A good boy, as far as i knew him. One of the few i consider brothers to me. One of the very few who actually paid me visit during my hospital days. One i knew insyaAllah i could always count on whenever it's about something good. One who didn't want me to die in vain.

Justly, he's gone.

His brothers told me, how he left this mortal world in such a "clean" and quick fashion. And indeed, i had known him as insyaAllah a person quite devoted to God.

So. Good girls and guys leave this place easily and cleanly eh, God permits.

The rest...the ones left behind...yes with all respect it includes you and me...When will we stop taking paths other than God's path?

Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Ego 1#

I have just watched night news. Some reportage on global warming. Took place in Bali, again. Why should Bali? Yeah, it's the one island Sukarno promoted a lot in the past. It relates with the following essay.

So, during the news show, the reporter from Indonesian State owned television actually shot several scenes showing other reporters, especially, and also some other promiscuos personality doing their work. Some were shown bycycling, probably to the hotel where some activities related to the recent (see post's date) gobal warming conference been held. The reporters? Typing on their laptops.

Clearly, the Indonesian reporters focused on women, the ones wearing just enough to induce men's kinky fantasy. Is it because Indonesia is so hot for foreigners? The male reporters wore casual but polite dresses.

So, the Indonesian reporters...didn't they think further when shooting that their reportage would be aired in national news, something that even children can see?

The women...what would their beloved ones think, seeing they "sell" their bodies like that? Provided they keep their consciousness, their pure heart. Be one of the male reporters, for example, i'd strive for a quicky/one night stand with such beautiful young mamas. Then let's launch AIDS/HIV conference in turn. Oh, please, no &*#$ing argument on this. Free sex derogates the sacredness of love and sex itself. It nullifies hearts and minds. And it's a regrettable thing to ever let be done. Even animals have some level of hearts and minds. So ladies and gentlemen (if indeed you are that honorable), nothing funny nor admirable for being infidels/kafir. You who havent experienced it but still want to argue with me, just do it, then you argue.

Why would the above personages do all that i mention? For freedom of expresion? For personal pleasure? Not further pondering?

If you ever study, even just a bit, about global warming, then you'll find that experts are on this:
  1. It's a re-occurring natural phenomena
  2. Human actually, undeliberately, tangled in, accelerate it, making things worse

So that's why the conference being held. To make aware some things we all have to be made aware of. Then do something about it. Then USA for instance reject some conclusions which will obstruct their personal development (fortune gaining), speaking of a nation and one of the largest on earth, that is.

See? Human, with their ego. Always put their personal interest first. Isn't the global warming issue itself sufficient to warn us the stupidity of prostrating to our ego? As far as i concern, God creates this nature endowed with law. Natural laws. You go by it, you thrive. You defy it, you're almost invisible compared to the smallest planet, not to mention star. You eat what you produce yourself.

When will this ego deifying stop?

Monday, 3 December 2007

Kata-kata di pinggir jalan

  • Sepenggal kata ingin bicara
    Sedikit tulisan untuk mengungkapkan hati
  • Dalam hidup ini kita tidaklah tahu, apa yang akan terjadi hari ini, besok, atau lusa. Dan sebagai manusia kita tidak selalu bisa menentukan dengan pasti dan tepat apa yang akan menjadi langkah kita. Sekarang atau di masa depan, baik itu kata, sikap, atau perbuatan kita.
    Kehidupan memiliki pasang surut, baik-buruk, dan itulah yang memang terjadi pada semua orang...besar-kecil, kaya-miskin, kuat-lemah. Berjalan menelusuri lorong-lorong waktu kehidupan.
    Tetapi aku sempat tertahan, berhenti sejenak. Melihat lembaran, serpihan-serpihan kata-kata yang tersisa di pinggir jalan kehidupan.
    Yang makin orang lain lupakan.
    Aku kumpulkan, susun, kata demi kata, dan kubacakan.
  • Hari demi hari berganti, demikian pula waktu, berjalan begitu cepat dan tepat. Kejadian-kejadian dan peristiwa demi peristiwa telah kualami, rasakan, lihat... Aku terkejut. Aku teringat lembaran yang kukumpulkan. Kusadari diri ini. Betapa baiknya makna di balik kata-kata yang tertulis itu. Mungkin kita pribadi tak kenal wujudNya, sosokNya. Tetapi merasakan dan mendapati kata-kata, ucapanNya. termasuk dalam hal ini: lembaran tulisan perkataan Allah yang mungkin kita sendiri lupakan dengan segala kesibukan kita.
  • Apa arti ini semua? Itulah pertanyaanku dalam hidup ini. Aku renungkan, berdiam diri sejenak. Menyisihkan waktu dan fikiranku, mencari makna dan arti di balik peristiwa yang kualami, rasakan, dalam hidupku.
    Dalam keheningan malam aku lewatkan waktu untuk berdoa. Berkata-kata kepada Yang Maha Tahu, Maha Kasih, dan yang memberi kebaikan dan keindahan dalam hidup ini, yang dulu kulupakan.
    Allah memang tidak turun dari langit dan berkata langsung kepadaku tentang masalahku. Tetapi ini kujalani dengan ketabahan dan beharap untuk jawabanNya, entah melalui orang lain, alam sekitar, atau mungkin dari dalam diriku sendiri.
  • Seiring waktu kuberjalan, datanglah jawaban yang kucari selama ini. Dalam waktu dan keadaan telah datang suatu pembelajaran dan pencerahan baru bagi hidup ini, yang dulu kuanggap tidak memiliki makna, arti.
    Allah tidaklah terlalu sibuk dan akhirnya lupa akan doa-doa dari ummatNya yang ingin mencari dan menemukan makna, arti kehidupan yang singkat ini.
    BagiNya, tiada yang mustahil. Untuk memberikan jawaban kepada kita. Meskipun bagi kebanyakan orang hal itu sangat sulit dan tidak secepat yang kita inginkan, atau harapkan pada waktu kita menghadapi masalah hidup.
    Akan tetapi dalam wujud keIlahianNya yang tak terlihat, Ia berikan ucapan, kata-kataNya kepada kita, ummatNya, dengan firman dan karyaNya. Dia telah mewujudkan keberadaan diriNya melalui perbuatan, sifat, kuasa, dan kekuatanNya.
    Alam semesta yang luas, dan segala ekosistem yang sangat unik dan indah, dengan iklim yang sangat beragam...tumbuhan, hewan, manusia...Semuanya itu adalah wujud ciptaanNya yang kompleks dan saling terkait satu dengan yang lainnya.
    Sayang banyak orang menganggap semua ini tidaklah berarti, semu. Hal itu sangat nyata bila kita lihat atas apa yang diperbuat dan dilakukan orang terhadap alam ini, termasuk diri mereka sendiri. Yang sekarang ini berada pada keadaan yang sangat kritis, dan hal itu mungkin sudah kamu ketahui. (contoh: global warming. Kita sebabkan, kita tuai sendiri akibatnya)
  • Sampai-sampai aku berfikir, alam semesta dan manusia berlomba-lomba, atau bergandengan tangan bersama-sama menuju lembah kehancuran. Entah sampai kapan ini terjadi...3, 6 bulan ke depan...tidak tahu. Tapi dari segi waktu yang kita jalani bersama, serta keadaan betapa singkat, cepatnya waktu berjalan...Kemampuan manusia untuk memperbaiki keadaan dan diri sendiri berjalan lamban...terhalang oleh sesuatu yang tak terlihat.
  • Disadari atau tidak, manusia berlomba-lomba mengejar kesenangan yang semu, hampa, tak pasti. Kalau pun didapat, hanya untuk waktu singkat, durasi dan harapannya.
    Bagiku ini sangat ironis, disayangkan. Ada kutipan “Dalam bayang-bayang kebanyakan orang, “kehidupan yang sebenarnya” memiliki arti kemewahan dan kesenangan. Sebuah majalah berita Asia menyatakan “Orang yang menonton film atau tayangan tv belajar menghasratkan apa yang mereka lihat, memimpikan apa yang mungkin bisa mereka miliki” “.
  • Mengejar kekayaan serta status sosial dijadikan tujuan hidup oleh banyak orang. Banyak yang mengorbankan masa muda, kesehatan, kehidupan keluarga, serta nilai-nilai rohani mereka. Demi kesenangan-kesenangan sesaat.
    Tak banyak yang menyadari bahwa gambaran yang disampaikan media hanyalah cerminan kusam, egois, dan mencetak pola fikir yang dominan mempengaruhi mayoritas penduduk dunia. Mendorong mereka untuk bertindak bertentangan dengan kehendak, tujuan Allah atas kita.
  • Jadi tidaklah heran bila banyak orang tak bahagia dewasa ini.
  • Itu sekelumit kecil kata yang ingin kusampaikan. Bukan aku ingin sinis, egois, terhadap kehidupan yang dijalankan orang di luar sana. Itu fakta. Realita hidup yang nyata dan ada di sekitar kita. Yang tidak kita pungkiri. Atau kamu, memungkirinya?
    Alangkah baiknya mencari jati diri, mendapatkan arti hidup yang bermakna, berarti. Bukan mengisi hidup ini dengan kesenangan yang kita miliki, materi, pendidikan, pekerjaan saja. Bukanlah itu. Itu hanyalah sarana, dan hal itupun akan sia-sia tanpa dilandasi kebutuhan akan perkara rohani. Bimbingan akan kecintaan kita pada Allah kita.
  • Aku secara pribadi berharap padamu, mengundangmu...Bukanlah menggurui. Pilihlah yang tepat, dengan cermat. Milikilah tujuan hidup yang berarti, cita-cita yang jelas. Sasaran untuk jerih lelahmu dalam menjalankan hidup ini.
    Bukan berarti hidup yang kamu jalankan selama ini tidak berarti. Bukan itu maksudku! Aku berharap kita semua...orang-orang yang kukenal, keluarga, sahabat, saudaraku...Bersama-sama memiliki tujuan hidup yang mulia, karena faktanya kita dikaruniai kecerdasan, suara hati nurani, kemampuan untuk bernalar. Ini menyiratkan bahwa kita merupakan ciptaan Allah yang Dia beri kemampuan luar biasa dalam alam ini.
    Sisihkanlah waktumu dalam hidup ini untuk mendekatkan dirimu pada Allahmu. Agar kamu dikenal dan disayang...seperti halnya kasih orang tua pada kita. Memang waktu ini cepat berlalu. Keadaan tak ada yang langgeng dan pasti. namun kita hadapi semua itu dengan ketabahan, mawas diri. Bila perlu dengan air mata duka, tak hanya suka. Asalkan kita tak lenyap karena waktu, kejadian-kejadian. Berharap padaNya, agar selalu diingat dan dihantarkan ke tempat yang damai.
  • Entah kapan. Tapi insyaAllah pasti! Kita dihadapkan pada keputusan yang harus kita ambil, yang sangat penting dalam hidup ini. Secara pribadi di hadapan Allah. Sekarang atau masa depan.
    Akan suatu pilihan hidup.
    Mendekatkan, atau menjauhkan diri dari Allah. Barkah atau laknat. Diingat olehNya atau dilupakan dan ditinggalkan.
    Itulah yang harus kita pilih.
    Dan kita terima akibatnya.
  • Inilah yang bisa kuberikan padamu. Hanya serpihan, lembaran, tulisan kata-kata yang tersisih di pinggir jalan hidup.
  • Ada yang bilang:
    Berjuanglah sebagai pejuang yang baik dengan iman, dan yang terakhir, yang terbaik yang kita miliki, kita persembahkan pada Allah dan sesama kita”.

Sunday, 2 December 2007

Miracle quotidienne (daily miracle/mukjizat dalm hidup sehari-hari)

So, last friday i got up too late. Way too late. Cost me my first meeting in that very day. But God taught me precious lesson. Invaluable lesson, as many of God's teachings.

As i told you. Got up way too late. I had to go to masjid/mosque for the friday special prayer. Going there at 12 o'clock? it'd have been crowded to the last corner!

Hey, so we're not going? Haul ass. Move it. Sorry for my language.

I didn't get that late for no reason. For once, until then, i had been having trouble sleeping. The person i love so hard to bring that person back to the right track...the track where whatever that person decide God permits would be the best for that person. So, hardly slept.

Then, for so long a time, i'd been despising abg/teenager/persons average from 15/17 to around 23 years old, especially the product ot the latest times. So childish and yet so cocky and overconfident. Like inviting an adult's hand to slap their faces into oblivion.

Well, i arrived at the masjid, as i had predicted. Crowded, to the last corner. having had wudhu/religious purification/misogi with water, i strolled to the last line of the prayer's attendants. Looking..searching...God help me, not a single tiny spot...Untill when i travelled the back of the very last attendants line, a voice called me: "mas (brother), (come) over here"

Know what? It was a teenager, a boy, with such a soft, polite voice. Inviting me to share his sajdah (praying mat) ! In such an elbow to elbow situation!

Call it what you like. God knows better. God teaches me:
  1. When you believe in something good, fight for it. To the last bullet. Even when there seems no more long as it is something good and you do strive for it...Hey, God is easy with His miracle. It's free. He'll give you the best. Sometimes, the exact thing you've been striving for...with some bonuses.
  2. There are still noble people in this realm. Let's not too easily and quickly judge, not to mention hate, based on generalization, people coming from a certain group just because some other members of that very group happen to be jerks and the like.

Well, may God bless you= )

Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Gaudeamus Igitur

Gaudeamus igitur, yuvenes dum suumus...oh please God. Everybody who ever entered college, maybe even as a janitor, would quickly recognize that song. Yup, that stupid song. Any of you ever wonder the meaning of the lines? So i did actually search for it, and guess what i found: some of the lyrycs actually mean

let's go get some fun, while we're still young...

I mean come of my fellow told me "Remember Dipa, love, party, then book. Books come last, okay?" Well, when i entered college i came (as later i found out to be almost the most common case with many others) with great expectations, great hopes, that jibaku ready spirit...only to found there has been more mis-demeanor in that place that outsiders ever knew. Up until now, frankly speaking. Free sex, abortion, fountain of alcohol, mass fighting, drug abuse...Really, let's have some fun while we're still young.

So, where are the parents? Simple. They lack in technological mastery, no wonder they never caught their children sharing porno through 3G. They lack in almost everything which wil enable them to control their children, to actually exercise their function as parents. Stupid $%*&s. Worse, if they say "i believe in her/him/them(their children). They' are grown ups now." Or something like "it's their own bussiness". Your $%&#ing bussiness. If your children gain some fancy achievement look who will come in front proudly first. When your daughters get pregnant without clear husband let's go in front proudly too.

I almost shed tears the time i first sang, not just heard, the Gaudeamus. As years go by, i find even high school start having graduation ceremony with the same song been sung.

Now i still almost burst in tears everytime i hear the gaudeamus. For a totally different reason.


AlhamduLillah, semenjak tinggal di sini bisa sering sekali shalat subuh berjama'ah. Di masjid, tepatnya. Hmm, gak mau ngelewatin ini sebagai sesuatu yang taken for granted. Ya, tentu aja. kalo' gak diizinkanNya bangun, yang ada aku tidur terus atau di alam mimpi, lupa cepet-cepet ngurus visa, paspor, dan beli tiket kembali ke bumi kan.

Kedamaian itu, dengan shalat subuh...Hei, katanya udara pas subuh itu insyaAllah bagus untuk nanggulangi sinusitis lo! Haha, another blessing= )

How To Be A Better Couple

How to be A Better Couple10 steps to enjoying each other better...

  1. Be realistic about each other. Don't try to turn your partner into something he or she is not. Let's face it, guys-there's only 1 Pamela Anderson in the world, and even she has had her implants removed! Give your gal a break and understand that her physical appearance is NOT going to change overnight with the help of a few facials or treatments. And ladies, Brad Pitt has already been taken, so you're gonna have to do with what your guy is like! Chillout, love each other for what you are. There is more to your partner than what meets the eye.
  2. Always talk things out. Now guys, I know this is not your fave pastime or mode of resolving issues, but you know what? This works with the gals. Don't make assumptions about each other's feelings. Learn to express yourself better so that your partner understands what you're angry about, orhurt about, or even happy about! When you stop talking to each other from the heart, it's the beginning of the end.
  3. Do stuff together. Make an effort to do things together. Do some sports or involve yourselves in some shared activities; something both of you enjoy or are interested in. It could be as simple as watching movies together, or just strolling hand-in-hand down Orchard Road. Watch soccer with him once in a while though the green patch on TV puts you to sleep in 3 seconds. And guys, do give in if your gal asks for another day at window-shopping, rather than suggest that she go out with her girlfriends for "that sort of activities" instead. If you're spending more time with your friends rather than with your partner, it's a warning sign that you're drifting apart!!!
  4. Meet each other halfway.If he agrees to throw out that rotten T-shirt with the "The Rock"print, you shouldn't kick up much of a fuss if he asks you to keep your room tidy. There's gotta be a little giving and taking in a relationship, so learn to meet each other halfway.
  5. Show your love.Buy her flowers or candy or perfume every now and then, even if you have been together for 5 years. It's wonderful to continue showing someone that you care for him or her. Cook him a special meal; paint him a special day's card. Knit him mini-socks he can't wear (like for decoration purposes), buy him a packet of milk for breakfast, or pack his wardrobe for he knows you can still be romantic and loving, despite having been together for quite a while.
  6. Respect each other. Stop making jokes about her hair or skin, or whatever it is you love to laugh at. Ask yourself if she thinks if it's funny. And if he has an inferiority complex about his height, stop ogling at tall guys and make him feel worse! Love is about respecting each other's feelings and being sensitive to each other at all times.
  7. Bury the past. Stop bringing up the past. Gals..don't bring up the happy things aboutyou and your ex to your guy, it would just make him jealous or unhappy. And guys, don't talk about the happy times that you had with your ex or mention about her in your every other sentence as it would make your gal feel un-happy and she might think that you saying all this because you are gonna get back with your ex or not interested in her anymore.
  8. Sit on your jealousy. All of us go thru' spells of insecurity at the beginning of the relationship, but don't translate that insecurity into jealousy. If you're gonna go through your partner's mail and cupboard, and eavesdropping on conversations, you know something is wrong - with you!!! Jealousy is like a poison that slowly spreads thru' the relationship before finally killing it. Trust your partner; love has to have trust in it.
  9. Keep your commitments to each other. If your partner is standing you up all the time and canceling dates and breaking promises, you need to talk! If you're in a relationship, make your partner your priority and don't disappoint them if you can help it. It's really terrible when someone promises to take you to dinner, and then calls to cancel it. Don't make promises you can't keep. If your partner starts to feel that he/she is not important enough to you, you may lose him/her.
  10. Be honest. Honesty is not scowling at how awful she looks first thing in the morning, or telling him that he has the biceps of a fly! When we say"be honest", we mean expressing your feelings clearly, not being bitingly cruel. When you're hurt, say so, and when you're angry, tell him/her, w/o getting hysterical. If you can't be honest with your partner, who can you be honest with? Love is also about honesty, and a relationship where no honesty exists probably isn't worth it!

Nice words from Rendra

Nice Words from Rendra

  • Sering kali aku berkata, ketika orang memuji milikku,>bahwa sesungguhnya ini hanya titipan,>bahwa mobilku hanya titipan Nya,>bahwa rumahku hanya titipan Nya,>bahwa hartaku hanya titipan Nya,>bahwa putraku hanya titipan Nya,
  • Tetapi,mengapa aku tak pernah bertanya, mengapa Dia menitipkan padaku?
    >Untuk apa Dia menitipkan ini pada ku?
    >Dan kalau bukan milikku, apa yang harus kulakukan untuk milik Nya ini?
    >Adakah aku memiliki hak atas sesuatu yang bukan milikku?
    >Mengapa hatiku justru terasa berat,ketika titipan itu diminta kembali>oleh-Nya ?
  • Ketika diminta kembali,>kusebut itu sebagai musibah,
    >kusebut itu sebagai ujian,>kusebut itu sebagai petaka,
    >kusebut dengan panggilan apa saja>untuk melukiskan bahwa itu adalah derita.
  • Ketika aku berdoa,>kuminta titipan yang cocok dengan hawa nafsuku,
    >aku ingin lebih banyak harta,
    >ingin lebih banyak mobil,
    >lebih banyak rumah,
    >lebih banyak popularitas,
    >dan kutolak sakit,
    >kutolak kemiskinan,
  • Seolah ...>semua "derita" adalah hukuman bagiku.
    >Seolah ...
    >keadilan dan kasih Nya harus berjalan seperti matematika:>aku rajin beribadah, maka selayaknyalah derita menjauh dariku,
    >dan Nikmat dunia kerap menghampiriku.
    >Kuperlakukan Dia seolah mitra dagang, dan bukan Kekasih.
    >Kuminta Dia membalas "perlakuan baikku", dan menolak keputusanNya yang tak>sesuai keinginanku,
  • Gusti, padahal tiap hari kuucapkan,
    >hidup dan matiku hanyalah untuk beribadah...
  • "ketika langit dan bumi bersatu, bencana dan keberuntungan sama saja"

    >>(WS Rendra).

If you believe in love tonight

If you believe in love tonight...then i'll tell you this.

Have just read a manga titled "Walking With Papa" Not a perfect one, but still a beautifully composed one. So i walked home from my housing complex masjid. And God made me realize...How beautiful it'd be with love all around us. Some people would be affraid walking alone in the night with trees around like what i'd done, affraid of supernatural creatures for instance. But me...i trust in God. Put myself in God. Believe God will protect me. Out of God's love for me. For you. For all of us.

Yes, the trees...the shelters to us humans, from rain, heat...the parents calming, soothing their children in the homes i walked past by...everywhere...won't this realm be better when we share goodness, out of love, to and with each other? Can't love anybody without loving oneself. Indeed. Take care of yourself then, do no harm to yourself. Can't feel true love untill you share actual love with everybody and everything. Kanshu Sunadomari shihan often repeated Morihei Ueshiba sensei's words of "...loving everything in this universe..." Of course. We are but one single entity, this universe. Composed of many, me, they, she, him, it...etc. What happens to one sooner or later, directly or indirectly will affect the other. So, for example, should we meet someone in despair, won't it be so proper and beautiful if we lend a hand, even just to make her/him smile?

Yes, universal compassion, true love...Something insyaAllah worth fighting for and with.

Monday, 26 November 2007

Why Does Allah Allow Suffering and Evil in the World ?

  1. Q: I was wondering if you could possibly help me resolve some conflicting issues. If God is All-Powerful, He must be able to prevent evil. If God isAll-Good, He must want to prevent evil. But evil and suffering exist. Howis it possible for God to be both All-Powerful and All-Good and stillallow a world in which evil and suffering exist? I would greatly appreciate a response.
  2. A: In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. All praise and thanks are due to Allah, and peace and blessings beupon His Messenger. Dear brother, in Islam, thanks for the question you posed, it's veryinteresting, and that is why we also try our best to furnish you with appropriate answer. In response to your question, Dr. Muzammil H. Siddiqi, Director ofthe Islamic Society of Orange County and President of the IslamicSociety of North America, states:

    "Indeed Allah is All-Powerful (Al-`Aziz) and He is able to do all things (`ala kull sha'in qadir). The Qur'an has mentioned thishundreds of times. It is also mentioned in the Qur'an that Allah is theCreator and He is the Best Creator. "Glory be to Allah, the best Creator."(Al-Mu'minun: 14)

    But then the question comes why do pain and sufferings exist in theworld. We find sickness, old age and death. We see things that are ugly,people who are insane and foolish. There are storms,earthquakes, floods, draught and famine. We also see people commit sins, show disloyalty, unfaithfulness, greed and insincerity. We see people commit rapes, murders; they fight and make wars. We know all these and many more problems. There are evils caused by human beings and there arenatural disasters. There are suffering for individuals and there are those that involve a large number of people. But we also know that this is not the whole story. Besides all these negative things, we also see beauty, health, prosperity, life,birth, wisdom, intelligence, growth and progress. We also see goodness among people, faith, sincerity, charity, love and thespirit of sacrifice. We also see a lot of virtue and piety. It iswrong to see one side of the coin and not to see the other side. Any philosophy that concentrates on one aspect of the creation and denies or ignores the other side is partially true and partial truths are no truth at all.

    It is also the fact that the element of good is more in the creation than the element of evil. We all see that there are more people who are healthy than those who are sick. There are more that eat wellthan those who starve. There are more that lead decent life than those who commit crimes.Goodness is the rule and evil is the exception. Virtue is the norm and sinis the aberration. Generally trees bear fruits, the flowers bloom, the winds move smoothly.

    But then the question is why does Allah allow these exceptions tothe rules? Let us ask this question to understand Allah's ways in His creation.The Qur'an tells us that good, evil and whatever happens in this world happens by Allah's Will (mashi'at Allah). Only Allah knowsfully His Will. We finite beings cannot grasp fully His infinite will and wisdom. He runs His universe the way He deems fit. TheQur'an tells us that Allah is Wise and everything that Allah does isright, just, good and fair. We must submit and surrender to HisWill. The Qur'an has not given us all the details about Allah'sWill, but it has enlightened us with the guidance that is useful and sufficient for us. There are several points that we should keep in ourmind to understand this issue:

    1.First of all, Allah did not make this world a permanent world.This is a temporary world and everything here has a time limit. When itstimes comes it will die, come to an end and finish. Neither the good things of this world are forever, nor the bad things eternal. We are herefor a short time and we are being tested. Those who will pass this test will find an eternal world that is perfect and permanent. Those who will fail this test shall see the evil consequences of their sins and corruption.

    2. Allah has placed a physical law and a moral law in this universe.Allah allows suffering to occur when one or more of these laws are broken.The physical law is based on cause and effect. Sickness comes if one does not take care of one's health or is exposed toinfections. A car accident occurs when one is not alert, or drives in a careless manner, or if the cars are not checked, roads and freeways are not made and kept in right shape, or the traffic laws are notright or not properly enforced. Study of causes and effects is very important to facilitate safeguards. Even here we should keep in mind thatAllah often saves us and He does not let us suffer from every negligence.How many times it happens that we are not careful and still we reach safely our destinations. The way people drive in some cities, it is a miracle that more accidents do not happen and more people do not suffer. Allah says: "(Allah) Most Gracious! It is He Who has taught the Qur'an. He hascreated man: He has taught him speech (and Intelligence). The sun and the moon follow courses (exactly) computed; and the herbs and the trees both (alike) bow in adoration. And the Firmament has Heraised high, and He has set up the Balance (of Justice), in orderthat you may not transgress (due) balance. So establish weight withjustice and fall not short in the balance. It is He Who has spread out theearth for (His) creatures." (Ar-Rahman:1-10) The way we exceed the measures set by Allah and violate His laws is incredible. It is really just because of the mercy of Allah that we are still saved. Strictly speaking, the question should not be why does Allah allow suffering, but how much Allah protects us and saves us all the timein spite of our violations and negligence. The Qur'an says: "If Allah were to punish people according to what they deserve, Hewould not leave on the back of the (earth) a single living creature: but He gives them respite for a stated Term: when their Termexpires, verily Allah has in His sight all His servants." (Fatir:45) But sometimes Allah does punish people because of their violations of His laws whether they are physical or moral. The Qur'an tells us that many nations and communities were destroyed because of their sinful lifestyles: "If they treat thy (mission) as false, so did the Peoples before them (with their Prophets), the People of Noah, and Ad and Thamud. Thoseof Abraham and Lut; and the Companions of the Madyan people; and Moses was rejected (in the same way). But I granted respite to the Unbelievers, and(only) after that did I punish them: but how(terrible) was My rejection (of them)! How many populations have We destroyed, which were given to wrong-doing! They tumbled down ontheir roofs. And how many wells are lying idle and neglected, andcastles lofty and well-built?" (Al-Hajj: 42-45)

    3. Suffering can also be a test and trial for some people. Allah allows some people to suffer in order to test their patience and steadfastness. Even Allah's prophets and messengers were made to suffer. Prophet Ayyub is mentioned in the Qur'an as a Prophet who was very patient. Good people sometimes suffer but their sufferings heal others and bring goodness to their communities. People learn lessons from their good examples. Martyrs die for their faith, soldiers give their lives for their nations and this brings liberation and freedom for their people.

    4. Allah sometimes allows some people to suffer to test others, howthey react to them. When you see a person who is sick, poor and needy, then you are tested by Allah. Allah is there with that suffering person to test your charity and your faith. In a very moving Hadith Qudsi (Divine Hadith) the Prophet, peace be upon him, said: "Allah will say on the Day of Judgment, 'O son of Adam, I was sick and you did not visit Me.' He will say, 'O my Lord, how could Ivisit You, when you are the Lord of the Worlds.' Allah will say,'Did you not know that My servant so-and-so was sick and you did not visit him? Did you not know that if you had visited him, you would have found Me there?' Allah will say, 'O son of Adam, I asked youfor food and you fed Me not.' He shall say, 'O my Lord, how could I feed you and you are the Lord of the Worlds?' And Allah will say,'Did you not know that My servant so-and-so was in need of food and youdid not feed him? Did you not know that if you had fed him, you would have found that to have been for Me?' 'O son of Adam, I asked you for water and you did not give Me to drink.' The man shall say, 'O my Lord, how could I give You water, when You are the Lord of the Worlds?' Allah will say, 'My servant so-and-so asked you for water and you did not give him water to drink. Did you not know that if you had given him drink, you would have found that to have been for Me.' (Muslim, Hadith no. 4661) Prophet `Isa (Jesus), peace be upon him, is also reported to havesaid something similar. (See Matthew 25: 35-45) So to summarize, we can say that sufferings occur to teach us that we must adhere to Allah's natural and moral laws. It is sometimes to punish those who violate Allah's natural or moral laws. It is to test our faith in Allah and to test our commitment to human values and charity. Whenever we encounter suffering we should ask our selves, "Have we broken any law of Allah?" Let us study the cause of the problem and use the corrective methods. "Could it be a punishment?" Let us repent and ask forgiveness and reform our ways. "Could it be a test and trial for us?" Let us work hard to pass this test.

    Believers face the sufferings with prayers, repentance and gooddeeds. The non-believers face the sufferings with doubts and confusions. They blame Allah or make arguments against Him. May Allah keep us on the right path, Amen! Allah Almighty knows best.

    The worst sin towards our fellow creatures is not to hate them, but to be indifferent to them; that’s the essence of inhumanity Bernard Shaw, united states of America writer.

Sunday, 25 November 2007

Warrior's/Soldier's Last Prayer

  • : Lord, i hear whispering...what does it mean?

  • : They are praying for you

  • : ...but i am not dead

  • : are not dead.

  • : friends...
    ...some were hurt

  • : They will be allright.

  • : ...but i feel allright too
    ...i do not hurt anymore
    ...why can't i move?
    ...why can't i see clearly?

  • : You will see clearly, dear.

  • : family
    ...i love them, Lord
    ...will they understand?

  • : With heavy hearts...they will understand.

  • : ...Mom
    will they be allright?

  • : I will give them peace.

  • : ...the whispering, Lord's farther away now

  • : Listen as they pray more sweetly...

  • : ...are they praying for my friends?

  • : For them...and for you.

  • : ...will we all be together again?

  • : Forever...and ever

  • : Lord...
    ...they have stopped whispering
    ...what does it mean?

: Rest now good and faithful servant
...and forever more
...welcome into My home

Thank The Good Lord,
and Don Poss for composing the original poem.

After All These Years . . .
Always remember that everything you do will remain with you forever.
Copyright © 1997 by: Dennis L. Hodo
After All These Years -

His name was John. He was born in the spring of the year shortly after World War Two. He had an older sister and in the first few years of his life he gained a younger sister and a younger brother. Life was very good considering that his father's income was only enough to provide the minimum necessities for the family. Those childhood days, during the fifties, were peaceful. The fears of the cold war were brought up from time to time but his youth quickly swept them away. His second hand bicycle provided a freedom that was absolutely the greatest thing he knew.

After getting a little older, that bike gave him the ability to deliver newspapers every day before school. The earnings provided the necessary equipment to play baseball and basketball. Being an American was definitely very good even for the lower middle class. The hours spent earning his own spending money taught him early in life the values of responsibility and self dependence. The physical conditioning and popularity gained by being an athlete taught him confidence among other lessons.

It was a great time and place to be a kid. His heroes were on television every week and always did the right thing at the right time. His mother and father were not extremely religious but they did take the kids to church every Sunday. The Sunday school lessons made a very strong impression on him, particularly in the earlier years of his childhood. The one theme that was repeated in so many ways at church, at school, at home and even on television was the very high value of human life. It was very difficult to imagine violence between human beings because it did not occur in his home or neighborhood. One day a local bully had cut his little brothers arm with a knife and it took two or three stitches to mend. It was a very upsetting event and he drew immediate revenge by beating the thunder out of the bully. The bully was three years older and without the anger driving him it would probably have been him that took the beating. He never forgot the anger and in the years to come he believed strongly in nonviolence. He knew however that there were things that a person had to fight for at times because there were violent people in the world.

He became high school age and obtained a driver's license along with an old car. The responsibility of paying the cost of a car meant trading a paper route for a job at the local gas station. It took more time and the balance of school, work and sports was something that also taught lessons that would become important later in life. The owner of the station knew him as the "paper boy" for years, and he was a good and fair boss. The owner's wife thought that he was a cute kid and even spoiled him with a free lunch from time to time.

His father had been working in the local factory ever since returning from the war and had not always been pleased with the bosses. John was very happy to have a good boss and gained no bad feelings toward him. He found it enjoyable to work with the public at the station and came to know a large number of people at the job. Frequently some of the regular customers would spend a little time talking to him about his sports achievements.

As some of his older friends graduated from high school he began to realize that there were only a few paths available in the future. Some of his friends were fortunate enough to go to college either by the good fortune of financial ability or scholarships. John's family did not have the financial ability to send the kids to college. It was well understood in his family that after finishing high school they would get a job. This subject had been discussed numerous times through the years and there was no question about it. He had been a faithful team member in sports and had always been ready to do his part, but he had never excelled. There was no possibility of going to college on a scholarship.

The war in Vietnam had begun and all branches of the military were recruiting a lot of young people. Some were even being drafted. One day in his Senior year of High School he heard about a guy that had graduated the year before that had moved to Canada. He had assumed that the guy moved there for a job but he later learned that he had gone there to keep from being drafted into the military. John told his father about it that evening and the whole family was appalled that anyone would do such a thing. John's father and uncles had all served in the military in World War Two and they were a very patriotic family. By the late sixties, it was well known that Communism was out to take over the world. It was well known that they would invade small countries and outright murder anyone that resisted them. John had always been taught the value of life and freedom. It was a simple yet strong concept that formed the very foundation of America. One of his older cousins had been drafted about a year earlier and was stationed in Germany. A family friend had a son who had joined the army to be a green beret. He was in Vietnam and wrote home about the horrible events of Viet Cong and North Vietnamese wiping out entire villages of men, women and children in a single attack. These things bothered John a lot and he believed very strongly that even the poorest peasant of Vietnam deserved the right to life and freedom.

Before finishing High School he experienced numerous discussions of the war in Vietnam and never budged from his belief concerning the importance of those basic human rights. On numerous occasions, the old statement of "It is not the United States job to police the World" was presented to him. John simply stated that he agreed, but that it was the World's job to police the World. Therefore, since the United States was the strongest Country in World they had a large part of that responsibility

John spent many hours thinking about the situation and always concluded that he was willing to fight for the rights of people of any country because it was a world affair. To take advantage of the good fortune of having been born in America and turn your back on the less fortunate, particularly the defenseless children, was not an act John felt he could live with. He was not a warmonger by any means, and did not run down to the recruiting office to join up and run headlong off into battle, but he knew that he would not run away when the draft board called.
Finally, graduation day came and he was very happy to be finished with school. He and his friends partied well into the night and they all were excited about the paths they were taking into the future. Some had jobs, others were going to college and different branches of the military, a few were even joining the Peace Corps. John partied with his friends, some of which he would never see again, and on Monday went to work with his father at the factory. The war had grown to the point that a lot of jobs were available to those who were not in the military. Getting hired after high school was no problem and the pay was great. John continued to live at home. He paid his share of the bills but still found his savings account rapidly growing. Life had become very easy. For the first time in his life he had more money than he spent and more time than he needed. After a life filled with school, work and sports the demands of working forty hours a week and nothing else seemed very light. The war in Vietnam was growing more and more all the time and it was definite that he would be drafted. He knew that day was coming, although it wasn't going to occur immediately. He knew that making any long term commitments were not wise. He didn't even buy a new car.

A little over a year went by and induction day came. He said good-bye to every one and went on the bus ride to the army. He spent the next several months in basic and infantry training and learned a great deal about war and killing. After training, like almost everyone else in the infantry, John was sent to Vietnam and directly out to the jungle. Landing at a large base was a major culture shock but nothing like the life in the boonies that lay ahead. His first view of Vietnam from the airplane window included numerous bomb craters and defoliated jungle. Even from far up in the sky it was a very ugly and depressing sight. After having spent his entire life in a quiet and peaceful neighborhood lined with neat houses, shade trees and backyard playgrounds, the sight of a combat zone was something that he would never forget. John's entire view of life was significantly altered.

Four days of in-country briefing was followed by a quick trip through base camp and fire base to his platoon in the jungle. His outfit covered terrain far too rough for motorized vehicles and they carried everything on their back. The point man was killed by a sniper on the fourth day John spent in the boonies. The point man was nicknamed "Mack" because he had been a truck driver back in the world. He had been the first person to talk to John about how to survive in the jungle and help ease his anxiety. John was the third man back in the file and it all happened right in front of him. They had been moving through an area of tall grass and the silence was broken by a single gunshot. Mack was struck in the chest and immediately fell over backwards. He did not die immediately, but no one could get close enough to aid him. Anytime someone moved in his direction the sniper fired another shot. The sniper shot Mack four times before he died. John and the backup man kept trying to get to Mack and they both received minor bullet wounds. Everyone returned fire but the sniper ran away through the grass and disappeared. John was scared, sad, and confused, but more than anything, angry.

John was angry at the sniper who had killed Mack. He was in general very angry at all the communist VC and NVA. As time went by that anger grew and grew. Every time they came to a village where unarmed civilians, including old people and children, had been gunned down or mortared he grew more and more angry at them. Every time the VC and NVA fired at him and his platoon he vented his anger by killing as many of them as possible. He was no hero and never did anything stupid to make a good target of himself but he was a fighter.

By the time he had been in Vietnam for six months he had lost count of how many he had killed. On a few occasions he remembered how he had felt that same anger at the bully that stabbed his little brother. He was amazed that the anger had grown so strong, but he knew that the communist were causing far more harm than a simple knife cut. On those occasions that his platoon captured the enemy he felt like shooting them because of the innocent civilians he had seen butchered. The prisoners were flown to prison in helicopters. John had heard of prisoners being thrown out of helicopters during interrogation and felt no sympathy for them at all. He knew that if he were ever asked to do the throwing that he would have no problem doing so.
He spent his year in the jungle and was a very good soldier. He was awarded several medals and promotions. On several occasions his platoon was involved with defending villages. John was always sympathetic to the civilians. Frequently the villagers were not receptive to the Americans but John was happy to do his job. The one thing that affected him a great deal was the harm done to the children. There were times when he gave all of his C-rations to kids who were hungry, and didn't keep anything for himself. He noticed the look in the eyes of the children of that war torn country and remembered how secure and protected his childhood was. The vast difference between the little bit of violence he saw on television as a child and the real life tragedies those kids lived with was tremendous. He wished that he had married before going into the service so that he could take one or two of them home with him. He had discussed the possibility of adoption with his commanding officer and found that it was near impossible for a single man.

One day late in his tour John was walking point through some very dense jungle. His time remaining on his tour in Vietnam was getting short and he was becoming very paranoid. Early in the afternoon a sniper fired on the platoon. No one was hit, but the incident made him even more paranoid. About an hour later they were moving through the jungle again not far from where the sniper had been. John was still on point and he was scanning the jungle around him carefully as he moved ahead. Suddenly he saw a flash of someone dressed in black running through the jungle in front of him. As he had done so many times before he opened fire on them. He saw several of his bullets blast through the back of a black shirt and the body went down in a splatter of blood. As usual, everyone else had hit the ground by the nearest tree and prepared for a firefight, but after John's clip was empty there was only silence.

After waiting long enough to be sure it was safe they moved up to the body. Usually they found weapons, maps and other items on the dead enemy. John was the first to the body and noticed that it was very small. Some VC appeared to be only fifteen or sixteen, but this one appeared small even for that age. He reached the body and rolled it over for a closer inspection. It was a young girl. She was probably in her mid-teens but looked only about twelve years old. She had no weapon or other military items. John's heart sank to his feet and he just stood there speechless. The tragedies of war he had been living with for the past year had taught him to keep his emotions to himself so he didn't say a word. He felt weak, almost like he was going to pass out. He sat down and leaned over on a tree. The company commander was with John's platoon that day and declared the girl to have been the sniper. She might have been, and she might not have been. It was possible that she kept a rifle hidden in the jungle, but no one knew for sure. There weren't any villages in the immediate area so she had traveled a good distance from home for some reason. It just happened that she saw the Americans and decided to run away from them. No one ever knew any more than that.

John was in a state of shock for several days after killing the girl. His platoon leader sent him for a three day R&R at China Beach to help him recover. He did a little water skiing and spent some time playing the slot machines in the EM club. Most of the time he spent on the beach. There were several other men there and they wondered why he spent all those hours sitting in the sand looking out at the ocean. They invited him to visit the ladies with them but he refused to go.

After returning to his unit he found that the CO had arranged for him to finish his tour with a base camp job. He only had a little over a month left but it was great to be in a safer place. His high school auto mechanics class paid off, he was assigned to repair work in the motor pool. Being in base camp allowed him to visit the EM club every night. He spent a lot of time listening to the music and drinking away the memory of the dead girl.
Eventually, his year ended and he flew home. He was discharged from the army and given a bus ride to the front gate of the Base. There were a few taxi cabs at the gate and he took one to the airport. He was still in uniform and there were several people at the airport. The antiwar movement was at full force and there was a small group of protesters at the airport. They were shouting a lot of rude comments at the soldiers that came in and one began yelling at John. The protester walked up to him, spit on him and called him a Baby Killer. He was very upset because those people knew nothing about him. They knew nothing about what he did or did not do or why he did anything. He confronted the group and found that they were not at all interested in what he had to say. They would not listen, they only shouted above him and only cared about what they had to say. He became very angry and noticed that his trigger finger was tightening down on a trigger that was not there. Then he pushed the protester back out of his face. He knocked two of them completely down and was reaching for an absent machete when the security guards arrived. The guards were sympathetic to John and escorted him to his airplane. On the flight home he had several drinks and was in a much better mood when he was with his family again.

John told his father about the incident at the airport. After a long discussion John began to realize that he was back in America. He had been trained to kill and had been very good at his job as a soldier. Now he had to remember to live by a nonviolent set of rules. He was surprised to discover that most people, including his family did not want to hear about what was going on in Vietnam. In only a few days he quit talking about it and went back to work at the factory.
As the years went by John was married and divorced four times. He had several jobs and never found a boss he could get along with. At one point he spent a few weeks in rehabilitation for alcoholism. He had five children and was not very close to any of them. They all lived with their mothers and were told a lot more about what was wrong with their father than what was right with him.

After more than twenty-five years of trying to find the life he knew before, he finally realized that he never would. Going to war was an extremely difficult experience for someone who had been raised in such a peaceful environment. Returning home after being in such a violent and tragic situation and being expected to immediately revert to normal was an impossibility. In fact there was no way that John or his life would ever be the same again in a hundred lifetimes.
What was done was done and what had happened had happened. It was over but it would never really end. The memories would be with him until death and the only thing he could do was to live with them. The only people who would ever fully understand it were the ones who were there. The opinions and expectations of the non-veterans were important only in a theoretical way. The only thing that was of real importance to John was within himself.

As time went by he began to spend more time with his children. For the first time ever he had a meaningful discussion with his oldest child who was a grown man himself. John told his son, "Always remember that everything you do will remain with you forever. After all these years of trying to go back to what I was before I have realized that I can never do that. I was changed forever and I will forever be what I am now. The memories of all those sad starving peasant children will never go away. The memories of my dead friends never go away. The memories of all the people I killed will never go away. Nothing in the past will ever change. I cannot travel through time and go back to change them."

I have finally realized that the past is permanent, so now I can set the memories aside. They will never go away but I can set them aside. That means that at least now I can be a better grandfather than I was a father. It means I can finish my life at peace instead of at war.

After all these years I will let the past be the past and make the most of the present.
After all these years.

Saya mengambil kisah ini dari situs veteran Vietnam. Kenapa?
Sederhana. Berapa banyak mereka yang berjuang mati-matian hanya untuk menerima hal-hal yang tidak pantas. Mari kita umpamakan perang di sini sebagai perjuangan di jalan Tuhan. Menegakkan apa yang pantas diperjuangkan, pantas diyaqini, kebenaran, keadilan, kebaikan. Berapa banyak mereka yang masih melakukan hal ini? Mereka, anak-anak jaman sekarang, abg, para orang kaya dan pejabat, para eksekutif/professional muda, mereka yang sudah tertelan lembeknya kehidupan sipil jaman sekarang yang hedon, urbanis, serba tersedia serba enak...siapa yang masih berjuang?
Siapa yang masih menghargai mereka yang masih berjuang, dengan segala jatuh bangunnya...berbuat salah padahal sudah mati-matian berusaha sebaik-baiknya...
Those who fight in God's cause...may God be with you, sisters, prayer with you. Semper fidelis (United States Marine Corps motto, "loyal/faithful until the end")!. Mereka yang tidak..Allah, tunjuki mereka. Kalau mereka sudah sadar dan tidak mau kembali padaMu...keluarkanlah keturunan yang soleh dari mereka dan habisilah mereka sampai orang terakhir. Buang mereka semua ke neraka.

Menikah jangan ditunda (tampar yang menunda, penakut atau doyan zina sih)

    Sep 17, '07 2:26 AMfor everyone

    Di bawah ini di antara sebab-sebab yang menjadikanpara pemuda dan pemudi menunda nikah:
    1. Lemahnya Pemahaman Syar'i Tentang Nikah. Seseorang jika tahu bahwa sesuatu itu adalah ibadah,maka segala apa yang dihadapinya akan tampak lebih ringan. Halangan dan rintangan yang ada, meskipun berat akan dihadapi dengan lapang dada dan penuhkesabaran, sehingga urusan menjadi terasa lebih mudah.Di dalam nikah, terdapat beberapa bentuk ibadah, diantaranya: Untuk menjaga para pemuda dan pemudi dariperbuatan negatif dan dosa dan untuk melahirkangenerasi pilihan yang siap beribadah kepada Allah,mendirikan shalat, berpuasa dan berjuang di jalan-Nya.
    2. Biaya yang Berlebihan Angka rupiah yang melambung tinggi untuk biaya nikahterkadang menjadi momok tersendiri bagi para pemuda,sehingga hal itu menjadi beban bagi dirinya dankeluarganya. Masalah ini biasanya lebih dikarenakan alasan adat,ikut-ikutan, gengsi atau mengikuti trends. Ini semua menyalahi ajaran Nabi Shallallaahu alaihi wa Salam dan merupakan penghalang bagi pemuda-pemudi untuk menikah.
    3. Terikat dengan Studi. Sebagian pemuda ada yang tidak memikirkan nikah sama sekali, kecuali setelah selesai studinya. Bahkanhingga tingkat pasca sarjana atau doktoral di luar negeri, hingga bertahun-tahun. Demikian pula dengan para pemudinya yang kuliah untuk dapat mengejar jenjang akademisnya, hingga mengabaikan masalahpernikahan.
    4. Kekeliruan Cara Pandang Terhadap Pemuda Pelamar. Ketika ada seorang pemuda melamar gadis maka yangpertama ditanyakan adalah apa pekerjaannya dan berapapenghasilan atau gajinya. Dan karena penghasilan yangkurang besar, banyak para pemuda yang tidak diterima lamarannya, padahal tidak seharusnya demikian.
    5. Banyaknya Pengaruh dari Orang Lain. Baik itu dari tetangga, kerabat, teman atau sesama pemuda, padahal mereka bukanlah orang-orang yang faham ilmu syar'i. Orang-orang tersebut memberikan pertimbangan- pertimbangan yang kurang proporsional sehingga menjadikan lemah dan kendornya semangat untuk menikah.
    6. Belum Ketemu yang Didambakan.Ada sebagian pemuda yang menunda-nunda nikah karena mencari wanita yang betul-betul memenuhi kriteria impiannya, sempurna dari semua segi. Bahkan boleh jadi ada yang membatalkan lamaran karena si wanita tadikurang tinggi beberapa senti saja. Demikian pula dengan pemudinya yang mendambakan laki-laki yang sempurna dari segala sisi, sehingga setiap ada pemuda yang melamar selalu ditolak karena tidak memenuhi kriteria yang didambakan.
    7. Kurang Adanya Kerja Sama di Masyarakat. Kerjasama di masyarakat untuk saling memberi informas ipemuda-pemudi yang siap menikah, dirasakan masih kurang.
    8. Merebaknya Media yang Merusak, seperti menampilkan acara-acara yang menggambarkan permasalahan- permasalahan rumah tangga, pertengkaran suami istri, antara istri dengan keluarga suami dan lain-lain. Hal ini berpengaruh, ketika seorang pemuda akan melamar, yaitu munculnya persangkaan negatif dan rasa curiga yang berlebihan.
    9. Kurangnya Rasa Tanggung Jawab di Kalangan Pemuda. Tidak adanya keseriusan seorang pemuda di dalam mengemban tanggung jawab hidup, terkadang merupakan penghalang untuk menikah. Mereka merasa amat berat danlemah menghadapi kehidupan, apalagi kehidupan rumahtangga. Karena mereka tumbuh dan terbiasa dalam kondisi santai, serba enak dan dimanja.
    10. Banyaknya Media dan Tempat Hiburan. Maraknya tempat-tempat hiburan dan tempat-tempat yang merusak, ditambah dengan sarana transportasi dan telekomunikasi yang tidak dimanfaatkan dengan benar menjadikan fitnah tersebar di mana-mana. Maka tak jarang pemuda atau pemudi asyik dan terlena dengan semua itu, sehingga tidak ada perhatian sama sekali terhadap nikah.
    11. Budaya Hubungan Pranikah (pacaran). Jika seorang pemuda mengikat hubungan dengan pemudi sebelum menikah, maka pada dasarnya sama saja dengan menjerumuskan diri ke dalam bahaya dan kesulitan. Hal ini juga berdampak kepada si gadis, ketika akan dilamar, maka mungkin dia menolak dengan alasan telah ada hubungan dengan pemuda lain, padahal sebenarnya pemuda tersebut bukanlah apa-apanya.
    12. Keberatan Orang Tua terhadap Anak Gadisnya.Terutama jika si anak memiliki penghasilan yang lumayan besar atau ia seorang anak yang berbakti,biasanya si orang tua berat hati melepasnya karena masih ingin mendapat perhatian atau pelayanan darinya.
      SOLUSI Masalah menunda pernikahan bagi pemuda dan pemudi merupakan masalah yang cukup serius dan memilikidampak negatif yang amat banyak. Maka sebagai jalankeluarnya dalam kesempatan ini disampaikan beberapasaran kepada masyarakat umum dan lebih khusus para orang tua dan walinya. Diantaranya yaitu:

      Memberikan pengarahan secara intensif kepada masyarakat tentang tujuan menikah, kebaikan yang diperoleh, hukum dan adabnya. Hendaknya disampaikan secara sederhana dan dengan bahasa yang mudah.Tujuannya supaya dapat menghilangkan anggapan keliruseputar pernikahan masa muda.
  • Menyebarluaskan pernikahan para pemuda/pemudi danmemberikan pujian kepada mereka serta orang tuanya.
  • Senantiasa mengingatkan bahwa usia yang paling utama untuk menikah adalah di masa muda. Alangkah indah jawaban yang disampaikan oleh seseorang ketika ditanya, "Kapan usia yang tepat untuk menikah? Maka ia menjawab, "Kapan selayaknya seseorang itu makan? Maka orang tentu akan menjawab "ketika ia lapar". Demikian pula ketika seorang remaja telah melewati masa baligh, maka itulah waktu yang sangat pas untuk menikah karena tuntutan kebutuhan fithrah dan sebagai penjagaan dari berbagai perilaku negatif.
  • Memberikan dorongan dan anjuran kepada para orangtua dan kerabat agar menikahkan putra-putrinya di usia muda serta memperingatkan akan bahaya dan dampak negatif dari menunda-nundanya.
  • Membiasakan agar tidak bermewah-mewahan di dalam mengadakan walimah, sebab hal ini sering menjadi masalah bagi para pemuda yang ingin menikah. Nabi telah bersabda, "Adakan walimah meski hanya dengan sebutir kurma!" Jelas sekali bahwa walimah tidak harus memaksakan diri dengan sesuatu yang serba mewah.
  • Mengajak kepada masyarakat agar memberikan keringanan dalam mahar (maskawin).
  • Senantiasa memberikan dorongan dan anjuran untuk menikah, karena ia merupakan salah satu sunnah NabiShallallaahu alaihi wa Salam.
  • Hendaknya bagi orang yang memiliki kelebihan dan keluasan harta supaya memberikan bantuan kepada saudara, teman atau kerabatnya yang membutuhkan biaya pernikahan demi menjaga para pemuda dan pemudi dari hal-hal yang negatif. Asy-Syaikh Abdul Aziz binBaz dan Syaikh Muhammad bin Shalih al-Utsaimin- semoga Allah merahmati beliau berdua memperbolehkan penyaluran dana zakat untuk membantu para fakir miskin yang membutuhkan biaya pernikahan khusus untuk membayar mahar dan biaya pernikahan saja.
  • Menganjurkan para pemuda, baik melalui teman-temannya atau kerabatnya supaya memberikan dorongan untuk menikah. Juga menganjurkan para wali agar bersegera menikahkan putrinya atau para gadis yang berada dalam tanggungannya.
  • Memberikan kabar gembira bahwa menikah merupakan salah satu sebab dibukanya pintu rizki, sebagai-manadisabdakan Nabi Shallallaahu alaihi wa Salam ,"Tiga orang yang akan dijamin pertolongan dari Allah: Orang menikah karena ingin menjaga diri, mukatib (hamba sahaya yang ingin memerdekakan diri) yang menepati janjinya dan orang yang berperang di jalan Allah."
  • Memperingatkan para pemuda untuk tidak menyia-nyiakan harta dan agama, berfoya-foya dan senang-senang, suka melancong dan menghambur-hamburkan uang. Ingatkan pula bahwa menikah itu tidaklah membutuhkan biaya yang sangat besar, bahkan boleh jadibiaya yang digunakan sekali jalan dalam melancong adalah lebih besar daripada biaya pernikahan.
  • Bagi yang telah lebih dahulu menikah hendaklah memberikan pengarahan yang logis dengan penuh hikmah kepada para pemuda. Janganlah terlalu idealis di dalam memilih pendamping hidup, cukuplah sabda Nabi Shallallaahu alaihi wa Salam menjadi acuan di dalam hal memilih istri. Beliau mengatakan bahwa wanita dinikahi karena empat hal dan beliau menjadikan yang paling utama adalah yang baik agamanya.
  • Memperingatkan keluarga dan kerabat agar jangan menunda-nunda pernikahan putri-putrinya Nabi Shallallaahu alaihi wa Salam pernah bersabda kepada shahabat Ali Radhiallaahu anhu, "Tiga perkara wahai Ali, janganlah engkau menunda-nunda, " shalat jika telah masuk waktunya, jenazah bila telah siap dishalatkan, wanita sendirian jika telah ada jodohnya." (HR. Ahmad)
  • Membentuk keluarga dan lingkungan yang baik dan islami, yang mengerti dan bersungguh-sungguh dengan ajaran Islam. Sehingga dampaknya adalah akan memberikan dukungan yang besar terhadap berkembangnya ajaran dan sunnah Nabi Shallallaahu alaihi wa Salam termasuk salah satunya adalah menikah.
  • Memperingatkan para ibu dan bapak agar bersegera menikahkan putra-putrinya jika telah siap. Karena menundanya terkadang akan memberikan dampak negatif berupa penyimpangan moral atau terjadinya hubungan yang diharamkan. Dan sebagai orang tua tentu juga memperoleh dosa akibat kelalaian yang diperbuatnya.

    asem manis asin, cinta, pasangan 11:40 am
    How can they met? If men…How can men meet their soulmate if they look for a 90-60-90 girl or at least one with a beautiful face, meanwhile women look for a prince, sort of Brad Pitt style, with money?Okey, good girl get a good boy, cute girl get a handsome boy, and so on, but I am thinking about a soul mate, they are not always in a perfect body or situation.I mean, hey, just look to people around you, he or she might be near you!!!!!!!!!!

So open your eyes, your heart and your mind, PLEASE.A soul mate is a lover, a friend that would live together through your life. You would getting older together, passing good and hard time together, support each other through the years. It’s a like a team, just him/her and you.Some men get stuck in finding a perfect woman, perfect face and body and so do some women.

No body’s is perfect. When you are busy with work and as time passing by, I see some friends around me, they are getting more difficulties to find a couple, a boy or girl friend.Wasting time?I guess so. I only can say to my single friends, not that I am saying that they must find somebody, but if they do find him/her….the most important thing is not in the external beauty of your couple, it is in their inner beauty.Once you find him/her, make love and live happily ever after. I believe you guys can find him/her.Comments (0)

cinta 11:30 am

A Happy Old Couple

Not an important thing to write, but yesterday I saw an old couple, a man and his wife, holding each other hands, after they got down from a bus.Suddenly I felt so happy seeing them so….in love, I couldn’t avoid smiling.I wish I can be there like them.God, thanks for your precious give, my eyes are your eyes….RamadhanToday I start doing fasting….This year I want my will to win against the ego. I wish I would be a better person, I wish I talk to God more often.

Ibu Theresa

Pesan Ibu Theresa dari Calcutta,

Orang sering sulit dimengerti.Tidak berpikir panjang dan mementingkan diri sendiri. Namun demikian, ampunilah mereka.

Bila engkau orang baik; Orang mungkin menuduhmu egois atau ada pamrih. Namun demikian, tetaplah berbuat baik

Bila engkau sukses; engkau akan menemui teman-teman yang tidak bersahabat. Namun demikian, teruskanlah kesuksesanmu

Bila engkau jujur dan tulus hati; Orang mungkin akan menipumu. Namun demikian, tetaplah jujur dan tulus hati

Hasil karyamu bertahun-tahun; Dapat dihancurkan orang dalam semalam. Namun demikian, tetaplah berkarya

Bila engkau menemukan ketenangan dan kebahagiaan; mungkin ada yang iri. Namun demikian, syukurilah kebahagiaanmu

Kebaikanmu hari ini; sering mudah dilupakan orang. Namun demikian, teruslah berbuat baik

Berikan yang terbaik darimu. Dan itupun tidak akan pernah memuaskan orang. Namun demikian, tetaplah memberi yang terbaik.

Pada akhirnya...perkaranya adalah antara engkau dan Tuhan, dan bukan antara engkau dengan mereka

God lead me to compose this...all of a sudden

  • Sakura, gracefully fall
    Deep in awe, inspiring legends
    Brave heroes, to rise and fall
    In the end, they too become legends
  • At night, it begins to felt ease
    Starts to announcing its presence, the stars and the cold breeze
    Will you do nothing, i beg you please
    But to come and together, we walk to peace


  • The moon is bright over our head
    As i travel, the road clear ahead Don't any of us ever give to ponder
    How marvellous, God given wonders


  • How pity, life might seems in one's eyes
    At every turning, the chance for demise
    Keep walking, the hero though in pain
    For even fragile, a flower won't fall in vain


  • The moon is bright over our head
    As i travel, the road clear ahead Simply befitting, a man who ponders
    How marvellous, are God given wonders

Those girls and guys

  • Something distant, attracting senses, yet monotone, will gradually distract people's attention toward itself. Yet causing dull feeling and boredom within those very people. Making them not consistent in their own affairs.
  • Mempelajari kepribadian orang membuat kita bisa melihat kebaikan setiap orang. Pada dasarnya setiap orang insyaAllah baik.
  • Terlalu banyak perhitungan adalah musuh. Melangkah tanpa berfikir berbahaya. Berfikir tanpa melangkah tidak membawa kita ke manapun.Yang salah dan sakit ketika dalam perjalanan adalah hikmah insyaAllah, agar lebih baik di jalan di depan.
  • Love will not harm nor give pain. One must keep centred and not let oneself be taken by false emotions.
  • To truly love someone is to let them be free. Whether the feeling is returned becomes irrelevant. Let's not mix love and lust. It only equals pain. Love is harmony.
  • When i have to die by the sword today, then i'll do so by honour. To be a warrior is to accept death as a part of life.
  • A warrior does not die foolishly or recklessly. To do so is selfish and unbecoming of a warrior. A warrior knows when it is to die. One does not end one's own life.
  • Lighten up ! Things are only as bad as we perceive it. Nothing happens without reason. There will always be a lesson, no matter how insignificant it might be
  • Setelah tertekan baru biasanya orang memikirkan makna hidup ini. Setelah merasakan atau menyaksikan sendiri yang namanya penderitaan.
  • Kadang orang memperlakukan Tuhan sebagai pelayan. Saat dibutuhkan diminta hadir, saat kebutuhan terpenuhi diharapkan Ia cukup tahu diri sebagai Pelayan dan segera undur diri.
  • In war, two sides or more fight for what they believe. Right or wrong, God will be the judge. Fighting for one's belief is the enlivening experience that one could get, because one believes she/he is on the side of goodness. When one does not believe, one will cower and run away to hide.
  • The dark side’s false and perverse perception of power will lead one to the abyss of misery. It is a shell filled with emptiness. Nobody cares when it cracks.
  • We have to make life beautiful. Such is the goal of man. It doesn't matter whether one succeeds. The journey itself is insyaAllah already beautiful
  • Jantung adalah salah satu bagian tubuh yang tidak berhenti sepanjang hayatnya memompa darah, bekerja, demi kita. Hidupnya adalah hidup kita. Kadang, yang paling baik, sayang, dan berjasa pada kita adalah yang tak terlihat. Bahkan dilupakan. 
  • There won't be light without darkness. There won't be good without evil.
  • Many people will walk in and out of your life. But only true friends will leave footprints in our hearts
  • Life, experience, aren't kind teacher. It gives you the consequences before the lesson. All i could say is live and learn. Going to be painful though. Be prepared.
  • Orang yang setia pada cita-cita idealnya tapi tahu cara paling baik dan realistis untuk mencapainya.
  • Life ends when you stop dreaming. Hope is lost when you stop believing, And love fails when you stop caring.
  • Sometimes things get worse, even worst, before they get better.
  • When someone loves you, that one cares for you. Sometimes we feel that care painful.
  • Lighten up. Lift ourselves. We might be actually better than we previously have thought. Like having some God given gifts. Let's find them and make the best use of them. In His way.
  • Do good, kind things to yourself. That way may we do goodness to others too
  • Listen to God, even when He speaks from within us.
  • There's a point in our life where we have to make decision and take responsibility.
  • Open your mind and your heart.
  • Life is travelled once. Today's moment becomes tomorrow memory. Live well every moment, good or bad, because God's gift through life is life itself.
  • Experience of hope nurtures your growth. Your life. By helping you to know that life has meaning, value, and purpose. Which is the essence of hope
  • Sharks have to keep moving forward to live. We need to keep moving forward in order for our dreams to live. You don't need to do everything today. Just do something
  • When the tool you have is a hammer, every problems looks like nails.
  • Life is a gem. Treasure every minute. Make the best out of it, for the clock is ticking.
  • Luxury's a mean of blackmail. Including emotional blackmail.
  • When there's no sign of hope in the desert so much hope still lives inside despair. Hear, don't kill that hope. Even willows bear sweet fruit in the garden of soul.
  • A saint is a sinner who doesn't give up.
  • Allah menciptakan perbedaan perempuan dan laki-laki sebagai sebuah keseimbangan yang saling mengisi.
  • Semua dimulai dari hal yang kecil.
  • Tuhan ada di dalam diri kita juga.
  • Bushido (jalan pendekar/prajurit) adalah jalan keharuan dan kesedihan.
  • Kadang kita baru sadar bahwa kebodohan adalah kebodohan, kezaliman adalah kezaliman, kefasikan adalah kefasikan, kejahatan adalah kejahatan, kekurangan adalah kekurangan, dan salah adalah salah...setelah menimpa orang yang dekat dengan kita atau yang kita sayangi.
  • Si vous pouviez maintenir votre coeur emerveille devant les miracles quotidiens de votre vie, votre douleur vous paraitrait aussi merveilleuse que votre joie (If you can still mantain your heart to be amazed before daily miracles, your sorrow will be as marvelous as your joy)
  • One has to know oneself. Reflect. Contemplate. Learn. It is a process. It will not be over in a day.
  • Don't keep banging your head against the wall hoping it would break down. Step back for a moment. The wall might not be that big. You may be able to get around.
  • Bukan kematian yang aku takuti, tapi menyia-nyiakan waktu. Karena kematian hanya memutuskanku dengan dunia, sementara menyia-nyiakan waktu memutuskanku dengan Allah.
  • Tidaklah seorang hamba suka memaafkan melainkan Allah menambahi kemuliaannya. Dan tidaklah seorang hamba bersikap tawadhu kepadaNya melainkan Allah kan mengangkat derajatnya
  • First and always, sword is a stiff sharp thing. Moved by hand controlled by good soul, heart, and mind, it insyaAllah proves to be beneficial, elegant, and beautiful.
  • Eternal ijtihad.
  • Solemn, serenity, even in the midst of crowd.
  • Kadang orang yang lebih hebat dari kita tanpa kita sadar kita dewakan. Mengharapkan yang superhuman dari mereka. Hingga ketika mereka gagal memenuhi harapan kita, atau salah menilai kita, kita sadar mereka juga manusia. Dan kita terlalu menggantungkan diri kita pada mereka.
  • Accept death. We'll all die sooner or later. Exit this life in the best way.
  • Ketika gembira dengan tulus, seseorang insyaAllah bisa melakukan hal-hal dengan kemampuan di luar imajinasi.
  • Gembiralah karena hal-hal baik yang tulus. Sekalipun sederhana
  • Great people don't always do different things. Sometimes they just do things differently.
  • Kemapanan bukan selalu kebenaran. Kadang kita menyentak orang dengan menggoyahkan " kebenaran " yang mereka anggap mapan. Padahal salah. Orang jadi defensive, ngamuk-ngamuk gak karuan. Bukannya mikir = J
  • Today's story

    Will soon become history

    Each happening story

    Make the bead of a string

    Stretched to the end of days

    Each small, seemingly insignificant

    Yet so dense, insyaAllah significant

    The true story won't be there without the beads

    So make the best out of today

    Make the best for tomorrow

    And learn the best from history

  • Salah satu ketokohan seseorang ditentukan oleh caranya berjuang agar tidak kehilangan identitas dirinya terhadap homogenisasi dan standardisasi kemauan umum.
  • When everybody and everything you love are taken away, God is still loyally with you= )
  • The supreme task of the physicist is to arrive at those universal elementary laws from which the cosmos can be built up by pure deduction. There is no logical path to these laws, only intuition, resting on sympathetic understanding of experience, ( that ) can reach them.
  • Hendaklah kau menghormati orang tuamu serta sanak saudaramu. Hendaklah engkau tiada berbuat jahat, baik di muka umum maupun dalam kamarmu sendiri. Jangan berlebih-lebihan dalam segala sesuatu. Betapa lelahpun kedua matamu, jangan biarkan tidur bisa memenjamkannya, sebelum kau mengajukan tiga pertanyaan yang bersangkutan dengan tingkah lakumu sepanjang hari itu.

    1. Dalam hal apa aku telah berdosa ?
    2. Apakah yang telah kulakukan ?
    3. Apa yang belum kusempurnakan ?

  • Smile makes you look nice
    Pray keeps you stronger
    Spirit makes you success
    Gives makes you richer
    Love makes you know life

  • Jika kau lelah basuhlah peluhmu dengan sabar. Ceritakan dukamu pada
    ketabahan. Usap air matamu dengan harapan. Jika terluka tetaplah senyum untuk
    sekitarmu. Itu tanda 4JJ menyayangimu

  • Jagalah Allah, niscaya Dia akan menjagamu. Jagalah Allah niscaya Dia akan ada di hadapanmu. Perkenalkanlah dirimu kepada Allah ketika kamu dalam keadaan longgar, niscaya Dia akan mengenalimu pada saat kamu dalam kesulitan. Jika kamu minta, maka mintalah kepada Allah. Jika kamu mohon pertolongan, mintalah pertolongan kepada Allah (hadits)
  • Kebaikan itu tidak selamanya disambut. Malah kadang tidak dihargai. Cuma
    Allah yang menghargai dan melihat kebaikan bahkan ketika kita tidak tahu
    apakah hal itu baik atau buruk.

  • Ketika semua yang kita lakukan tidak berjalan seperti yang kita harapkan, atau
    ketika seluruh dunia seperti melawan kita, jangan putus asa.. Tetaplah berdoa,
    berharap, dan berusaha semua akan baik. Kau akan melihat sehabis hujan
    matahari akan bersinar.

  • Saat hatimu terluka katakan kamu tak apa. Saat fikiranmu kacau hiruplah udara
    yang tenang. Fikiran ada untuk menjaga hati. Begitu juga sebaliknya.

  • Your biggest responsibility is yourself. Your battlefield is yourself. Every second
    we fight ourselves, we lose now but we win next, you win now but you lose next
    second. That’s how fragile we are. Just don’t surrender because i’m too like you.
    We just dust but we’ll fight to time indefinite. We are dust from the star.

  • The real battlefield is to keep your principals even in the worst situation.
  • Only the true warriors will survive.
  • Even wounded, a soldier will keep on fighting.
  • Segala cobaan, hadapi dengan sabar, tabah. Pasrah pada Yang Maha Kuasa, berdoa agar masalahnya selesai. Tiada masalah yang tidak bisa dipecahkan. Cari hikmah di balik masalah. Tak perlu putus asa
  • Let the sword be beautifuly used by control. Let Allah be the holder
  • Kasih itu murah hati.
  • Menulis sebagai ibadah. InsyaAllah, mudah-mudahan berguna.
  • Belajar terus, bertumbuh terus.
  • Menuruti Allah sepenuhnya, itulah tanpa ego. Para nabi, rasul, dan sahabat-sahabat terdekatnya bukanlah orang-orang yang berlebihan.
  • Teman sejati adalah teman yang berkata "kau salah!" ketika kita berbuat kesalahan.
  • Yang paling utama di antara perbuatan yang paling utama adalah melakukan dan menjaga silaturrahim dengan orang yang memutuskannya, memberi pada orang yang tak pernah memberi, dan memaafkan dan berbuat baik pada orang yang zalim padamu.
  • Life is like a book.

    Each day a new page

    with adventures to experience

    lessons to learn

    good deeds to do

    Have a colourful episode today !

  • Jalan naik turun.

    Perjalanan terus berjalan.

    Begitu juga iman.

    Begitu juga hidup

    Dan semua tindakan yang baik

  • The really pure, true, devoted friends insyaAllah are the persons we meet in the
    midst of adversity.

  • One of the greatest thing in life is to find the purpose of life itself.
  • When you make mistake, sin:

    1. Admit it.

    2. Learn from it.

    3. Don’t repeat it.

  • When you are lonely, wish you love

    when you are down, wish you joy

    when things get complicated, wish you faith

    when things look empty, wish you hope

  • Goodness insyaAllah is by moving together. Not in confined solitary.
  • Membaca penting bukan karena melihat kata, tapi melihat makna. Temukan makna, jadikan berguna
  • Jangan melihat sosok yang melakukan perbuatan, tapi lihatlah perbuatan yang dilakukan. Kebenaran dari Tuhan, benar adalah benar dan salah adalah salah.
  • Jalan da’wah itu: Panjang
    Penuh onak dan duri
    Orang-orangnya sedikit

  • Dakwah besar salah satunya insyaAllah adalah: mengatakan sesuatu itu salah ketika kita mendapatinya salah.
  • Fate greater than that of an emperor
    Is that of a traveler
    When she/he completes her/his journey

  • Admitting the worst is often the shortest way of discovering the best.
  • Our mind is limited. The truth encompasses all. Be one with the Great truth, and
    all limitations vanish.

  • All journey has a secret destination of which the traveler is unaware
  • Qui facit per allium facit per se (qui fait par alliance fait par soi même/one who
    does something with allies/in collaboration does it oneself)

  • Air begitu lembut, tapi dengan keteguhan hati bisa mengubah batu.
  • Menghina pembawa kemauan Allah sama dengan menghina Allah.
  • Mutiara dan intan, yang sedikit dan mahal dari yang banyak dan murah. Melalui
    bencana, ujian, dan cobaan, dipoles untuk keindahan yang maksimal.

  • Sekecil apapun yang dilakukan untuk menjadi lebih baik adalah sesuatu yang luar
    biasa. Hal yang paling mendasar untuk melakukan itu ya hati dan niat.

  • Pada saat suara halus kecil dalam hatimu berbisik kebaikan, tolong dengarkan dia. Dan kuatkan hatimu. Sesedih dan sesakit apapun kamu saat itu.
  • When i’m allowed to give others the happiness they need, i insyaAllah get the warmth i’ve been craving for. It’s life. That way insyaAllah we’ll be grateful for having been born into this life.
  • Bukti kerendahan hati kita terlihat dari cara kita memperlakukan manusia rusak di sekitar kita, dengan tidak membalas perlakuan buruk mereka terhadap kita. Biar Allah yang turun tangan.
  • Ketika segala sesuatu tidak sesuai dengan keinginan kita, kita jadi putus asa, berhenti berusaha, atau mencari yang menurut kita lebih baik. Sebenarnya adalah kita tidak akan pernah meraih tujuan kita, kita menipu diri sendiri, kenyataannya kita gagal. Tapi jangan pernah berhenti walau gagal. Orang bijak adalah orang yang jatuh tapi selalu bangun terus (bangun kembali red.).
  • Keindahan hal-hal yang baru menghapus kenangan buruk masa lalu.
  • Dosa enaknya cuma sesaat, tapi ujungnya pahit. Manis di lidah, tapi seret di kerongkongan, mules di perut, item-item keluarnya waktu boker.
  • Lampu padam, rumah gelap, dunia dalam kegelapan, kegelapan menyelimuti kita, namun jangan pernah menyerah walaupun hanya setitik cahaya dalam gelap pekat, yaqinlah {berimanlah/have faith (pada Allah/in God) }.
  • Di bawah langit Allah berjalan semua ketentuanNya, baik buruk, jahat mulia, saying benci, semua ada karena Dia yang menentukan. Mari kita belajar dari alam, menyayangi makhluk dan teman-teman kita, mencari kebenaran dan yang paling utama: menjadi kekasihNya.
  • Segala cobaan, harus dihadapi dengan sabar dan tabah. Pasrah kepada Yang Maha Kuasa, sambil doa agar masalahnya cepat selesai. Tiada masalah yang tidak bisa dipecahkan. Cari hikmah di balik masalah. Jangan putus asa.
  • Jangan pernah nyesel melakukan hal yang baik. Walaupun hasil gak selalu seperti yang kita mau.
  • Hati yang bersukacita berpengaruh baik pada wajah, tapi kepedihan hati mematahkan semangat.
  • Dengan nasihat, rencana-rencana ditetapkan dengan teguh, dan dengan pengarahan yang terampil, berperanglah.
  • Cerdiklah orang yang melihat malapetaka kemudian menyelamatkan diri, tapi orang yang kurang berpengalaman berjalan terus dan pasti menderita hukuman atau kecelakaan.
  • Ada tujuh tanda keikhlasan
1. niat
2. karena Alloh SWT
3. mengharap rahmat dan belas kasihan Alloh
4. dengan kerelaan sendiri
5. untuk kebaikan
6. dilakukan dengan bersungguh-sungguh
7. punya rasa tanggung jawab.
Alloh itu maha adil & mengasihi, mudah-mudahan dengan kerja secara ikhlas di
jaga dan di murahkan rezeki qita.
  • Saat kau lelah dan tidak berdaya
    karena usaha yang gagal
    Allah tahu betapa gigih engkau
    telah berusaha
    Ketika sekian lama kau menangis
    dan batinmu menderita
    Allah menghitung
    Saat kau rasa hidupmu tak menentu
    dan waktu terus meninggalkanmu
    Allah menunggu
    Ketika kau kesepian dan kawanmu
    terlalu sibuk meski hanya
    untuk menelefon
    Allah berada
    di sisimu
    Saat kau telah mencoba
    segala sesuatu dan tak tahu
    harus berbuat apa lagi
    Allah memiliki jawabannya
    Saat tiba-tiba hidupmu lebih cerah
    dan kau temukan
    secercah harapan
    Allah berbisik
    Ketika semuanya berjalan
    dan banyak yang harus kau syukuri
    Allah telah memberkahimu
    Saat kegembiraan datang
    dan engkau merasa terpesona
    Allah telah membuka matamu
    dan memanggil namamu

    Ingatlah, dimanapun engkau
    dan apapun yang engkau hadapi
    Allah mengetahui

  • Those who in everything make God the first and the last at best are the happiest people in the world.
  • People who do a lot of kneeling don't do much of lying.
  • Some people have said "But i don't feel that God is near". Let me ask you a question: "Does a fish feel wet? We are immersed in God".
  • What is popular is not always right, what is right is not always popular.
  • Kita tidak bisa membantu semua orang, tapi setiap orang bisa membantu orang lain.
  • Jika anda tidak membakar semangat anda, andalah yang akan dibakar semangat anda.
  • Tidak semua hal bisa kita rubah, tapi tidak ada yang akan berubah sebelum kita hadapi.
  • Health makes all things possible
    wealth makes al things work
    love makes all things beautiful
    May you be granted all

  • Don't make us be in doubt of our own selves.
  • Don't let us be controlled by prolonged problems. Here's how:

    1. Do not let us drowned in vortex of gatred
    2. Strive to do the best even in the hardest times
    3. Patience as part of piety, certain of God coming to help in the exact moment

  • Love your enemy. It will drive them crazy.
  • When facing evil, bad persons, consider them as sandpaper. They wil make us smooth and shine, while they themselves get worn and dirty.
  • Life isn't measured in minutes, but in moments.
  • He who was pressed from all sides but remained victorious in spirit is welcomed into the choir of heroes.
  • They who act beyond their responsibilities will soon receive rewards beyond their actions.
  • There's nothing that can't be done if we raise our voice as one.
  • So many pleasures, gifts, God gives us. Won't know the real pleasures in them, until we start giving.