Thursday, 20 December 2007

The sacrificing

So, comes the sacrificial animals slaughtering, as naturally follows aidl adha. There is actually such an encouraging lesson behind all these , y'know. Here's how it goes:

For you who's not yet familiar with the story, the sacrificial started by a story of the prophet Abraham/Ibrahim as. been told by God to slay his son, the prophet Ismail/Ishmael as. As an offering to God, just like Abel/Abil and Cain/Qabil did so long ago. Actually, God just wanted to test Abraham's faith. Of course, God didn't immediately spoil the true intention He had been keeping until Abraham went to actually carry the order.

C'mon, gutting your own child? Well, after a little father-and-son debacle that thank God ended well, they did go to do the slaughtering.

Just at the nick of time (the knife's saying hello to Ismail's neck), God told them to halt and send them a goat/sheep. So the tradition goes untill the present day. The father and the son survived and continued to live happily after that.

How about if i say: When it's something you believe to be good because God deems it so, then do it! Even against all odds. Trust Him, in the end, He might suddenly send you His miracle. And all turns well. Even better. And beautiful.

Keep fighting the good fight, whoever read this. To the last bullet.

Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Sacrificial night

Noo, it's not as horrid as it sounds. It is just...the night filled with takbir (the loud chanting of Lord's praise). Of course. It's aidl adha. Complete with the extra morning prayer.

Yes, aidl adha. Based on two persons who willingly sacrificed everything they owned. Their very lives.

Can we still encounter that kind of people? I ask myself too.

Monday, 17 December 2007


Do you ever study or heard, at least read perhaps, of this thing called blackhole? It's well detailed in Stephen Hawking's book A Brief History Of Time (or Of Universe? Sorry, i forget). It's say a rupture in the fabric or the material of this universe itself, suppose we take our universe as a cloth or something like it. It's not actually black, it just absorb everything including light by its enormous gravity, thus we cannot even perceive its existence except by special apparatus, like gamma ray detector.

So, there it goes. Blackholes possess and exert tremendous gravity. They are like pockmarks in this universe. You can find them in unpredicted places. But then, Stepehn mentioned, back by many investigation, theories i have read myself (i'll be glad if you give me more inputs on this), that things as we know in this universe, all are ellpitical, roundlike, in motion. Let's take a look. The smallest thing we know, quark, are a bunch of tiny balls, one acting as the center, the going round that center. The assembly of quarks produce neutron, again acting as center, proton, as the positively charged static satellites of neutron, and electron, the source of electricity, orbiting around neutron and proton. The assembly of that constellation make atom. Several atoms produces molecules. Molecules produces agents, such as carbon, iron. Any certain composition of them make roks, woods, the tissues i our bodies (like retina, hair, etc). We, the thing composed of all those, inhabit earth. Planets, again, orbiting a center, a star, sun in our solar system. The explanation goes: several solar systems also have a center and satellites (orbiting celestial bodies) system too. One solar system as the center, several other as the satelites. Again, several of this organization compose a galaxy. Then again, several galaxies make the same center and satellits system.

Then i read once in a Kawanku magazine, that garvity could actually be immitated. How? Simple. Put a massively dense object as the center, then put several other much smaller objects around it and make them move orbitibg the previous center. You'll have centrifugal and centripetal force, and you'll have gravity, God permits.

Look at those people doing ta'waf. Suppose ka'bah is the radio to reach God, and we all go orbiting it...what if i say that if we put God as the center of our lives, then we'll have a life with clear way? We'll never go unstable. We will have a lear path, with a clear destination, because we're bounded by the force that will keep us on track. Never fall outside, nor inside.

See how aikido and tai chi warriors fight. They always put themselves as the center, making circular movements, harmonizing with their attackers.

Then, shouldn't we wonder, "but what keeps all these galaxies in their respective place?"

Well, how about the blackholes? They are the end products of star dying after glowing for so long a times. Their positions, somehow, make them with their gravitational power some anchors for the rest of the celestial beings. Other galaxies, planets, the active ones.

Who calculated their positions, let even that they do have purpose of existence afterall?

Blackholes are actually massive themselves. So, massive things are naturally determined to be the center of the surrounding thinhs, eh...? How about good, smart, wise people, naturally become the buoys, the lighthouse, for the surrounding environment? Including people around them? Aren't good values always encompass others, to recognize those values, to eventually practice those values, and so make their ownselves new centers in the end, thus spreading goodness? Prophets, apostles, scientists, sages of the past have proven the liability of this idea. Why don't we start ourselves?

Ah, isn't God great...= )?

Daily miracle 1#

Do any of us ever wonder:
Why God leaves us? Paying us no attention? Deserts us in the midst of battle, etc...?

Then i ask ourselves:
Do we ever realize, how God comes with His miracles in unpredictable times? When you're sad, suddenly someone out of nowhere approaches you and bring you goodness and kindness, even if just in the form of offering a candy...

When we're about to kill someone innocent or have sex to someone not yet married with us, suddenly we hear the call for prayer...

So let's help each other. Strenghten each other. Appreciate God, remember Him. We can start by not neglecting His favour in us. Including the people He sends to us. Don't waste them in vain.

Friday, 7 December 2007

One flew apart from the team

A friend of mine, laying on hospital bed, phoned me last afternoon. To announce the death of another close friend of ours.

The passing guy was around 27 years old. A good boy, as far as i knew him. One of the few i consider brothers to me. One of the very few who actually paid me visit during my hospital days. One i knew insyaAllah i could always count on whenever it's about something good. One who didn't want me to die in vain.

Justly, he's gone.

His brothers told me, how he left this mortal world in such a "clean" and quick fashion. And indeed, i had known him as insyaAllah a person quite devoted to God.

So. Good girls and guys leave this place easily and cleanly eh, God permits.

The rest...the ones left behind...yes with all respect it includes you and me...When will we stop taking paths other than God's path?

Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Ego 1#

I have just watched night news. Some reportage on global warming. Took place in Bali, again. Why should Bali? Yeah, it's the one island Sukarno promoted a lot in the past. It relates with the following essay.

So, during the news show, the reporter from Indonesian State owned television actually shot several scenes showing other reporters, especially, and also some other promiscuos personality doing their work. Some were shown bycycling, probably to the hotel where some activities related to the recent (see post's date) gobal warming conference been held. The reporters? Typing on their laptops.

Clearly, the Indonesian reporters focused on women, the ones wearing just enough to induce men's kinky fantasy. Is it because Indonesia is so hot for foreigners? The male reporters wore casual but polite dresses.

So, the Indonesian reporters...didn't they think further when shooting that their reportage would be aired in national news, something that even children can see?

The women...what would their beloved ones think, seeing they "sell" their bodies like that? Provided they keep their consciousness, their pure heart. Be one of the male reporters, for example, i'd strive for a quicky/one night stand with such beautiful young mamas. Then let's launch AIDS/HIV conference in turn. Oh, please, no &*#$ing argument on this. Free sex derogates the sacredness of love and sex itself. It nullifies hearts and minds. And it's a regrettable thing to ever let be done. Even animals have some level of hearts and minds. So ladies and gentlemen (if indeed you are that honorable), nothing funny nor admirable for being infidels/kafir. You who havent experienced it but still want to argue with me, just do it, then you argue.

Why would the above personages do all that i mention? For freedom of expresion? For personal pleasure? Not further pondering?

If you ever study, even just a bit, about global warming, then you'll find that experts are on this:
  1. It's a re-occurring natural phenomena
  2. Human actually, undeliberately, tangled in, accelerate it, making things worse

So that's why the conference being held. To make aware some things we all have to be made aware of. Then do something about it. Then USA for instance reject some conclusions which will obstruct their personal development (fortune gaining), speaking of a nation and one of the largest on earth, that is.

See? Human, with their ego. Always put their personal interest first. Isn't the global warming issue itself sufficient to warn us the stupidity of prostrating to our ego? As far as i concern, God creates this nature endowed with law. Natural laws. You go by it, you thrive. You defy it, you're almost invisible compared to the smallest planet, not to mention star. You eat what you produce yourself.

When will this ego deifying stop?

Monday, 3 December 2007

Kata-kata di pinggir jalan

  • Sepenggal kata ingin bicara
    Sedikit tulisan untuk mengungkapkan hati
  • Dalam hidup ini kita tidaklah tahu, apa yang akan terjadi hari ini, besok, atau lusa. Dan sebagai manusia kita tidak selalu bisa menentukan dengan pasti dan tepat apa yang akan menjadi langkah kita. Sekarang atau di masa depan, baik itu kata, sikap, atau perbuatan kita.
    Kehidupan memiliki pasang surut, baik-buruk, dan itulah yang memang terjadi pada semua orang...besar-kecil, kaya-miskin, kuat-lemah. Berjalan menelusuri lorong-lorong waktu kehidupan.
    Tetapi aku sempat tertahan, berhenti sejenak. Melihat lembaran, serpihan-serpihan kata-kata yang tersisa di pinggir jalan kehidupan.
    Yang makin orang lain lupakan.
    Aku kumpulkan, susun, kata demi kata, dan kubacakan.
  • Hari demi hari berganti, demikian pula waktu, berjalan begitu cepat dan tepat. Kejadian-kejadian dan peristiwa demi peristiwa telah kualami, rasakan, lihat... Aku terkejut. Aku teringat lembaran yang kukumpulkan. Kusadari diri ini. Betapa baiknya makna di balik kata-kata yang tertulis itu. Mungkin kita pribadi tak kenal wujudNya, sosokNya. Tetapi merasakan dan mendapati kata-kata, ucapanNya. termasuk dalam hal ini: lembaran tulisan perkataan Allah yang mungkin kita sendiri lupakan dengan segala kesibukan kita.
  • Apa arti ini semua? Itulah pertanyaanku dalam hidup ini. Aku renungkan, berdiam diri sejenak. Menyisihkan waktu dan fikiranku, mencari makna dan arti di balik peristiwa yang kualami, rasakan, dalam hidupku.
    Dalam keheningan malam aku lewatkan waktu untuk berdoa. Berkata-kata kepada Yang Maha Tahu, Maha Kasih, dan yang memberi kebaikan dan keindahan dalam hidup ini, yang dulu kulupakan.
    Allah memang tidak turun dari langit dan berkata langsung kepadaku tentang masalahku. Tetapi ini kujalani dengan ketabahan dan beharap untuk jawabanNya, entah melalui orang lain, alam sekitar, atau mungkin dari dalam diriku sendiri.
  • Seiring waktu kuberjalan, datanglah jawaban yang kucari selama ini. Dalam waktu dan keadaan telah datang suatu pembelajaran dan pencerahan baru bagi hidup ini, yang dulu kuanggap tidak memiliki makna, arti.
    Allah tidaklah terlalu sibuk dan akhirnya lupa akan doa-doa dari ummatNya yang ingin mencari dan menemukan makna, arti kehidupan yang singkat ini.
    BagiNya, tiada yang mustahil. Untuk memberikan jawaban kepada kita. Meskipun bagi kebanyakan orang hal itu sangat sulit dan tidak secepat yang kita inginkan, atau harapkan pada waktu kita menghadapi masalah hidup.
    Akan tetapi dalam wujud keIlahianNya yang tak terlihat, Ia berikan ucapan, kata-kataNya kepada kita, ummatNya, dengan firman dan karyaNya. Dia telah mewujudkan keberadaan diriNya melalui perbuatan, sifat, kuasa, dan kekuatanNya.
    Alam semesta yang luas, dan segala ekosistem yang sangat unik dan indah, dengan iklim yang sangat beragam...tumbuhan, hewan, manusia...Semuanya itu adalah wujud ciptaanNya yang kompleks dan saling terkait satu dengan yang lainnya.
    Sayang banyak orang menganggap semua ini tidaklah berarti, semu. Hal itu sangat nyata bila kita lihat atas apa yang diperbuat dan dilakukan orang terhadap alam ini, termasuk diri mereka sendiri. Yang sekarang ini berada pada keadaan yang sangat kritis, dan hal itu mungkin sudah kamu ketahui. (contoh: global warming. Kita sebabkan, kita tuai sendiri akibatnya)
  • Sampai-sampai aku berfikir, alam semesta dan manusia berlomba-lomba, atau bergandengan tangan bersama-sama menuju lembah kehancuran. Entah sampai kapan ini terjadi...3, 6 bulan ke depan...tidak tahu. Tapi dari segi waktu yang kita jalani bersama, serta keadaan betapa singkat, cepatnya waktu berjalan...Kemampuan manusia untuk memperbaiki keadaan dan diri sendiri berjalan lamban...terhalang oleh sesuatu yang tak terlihat.
  • Disadari atau tidak, manusia berlomba-lomba mengejar kesenangan yang semu, hampa, tak pasti. Kalau pun didapat, hanya untuk waktu singkat, durasi dan harapannya.
    Bagiku ini sangat ironis, disayangkan. Ada kutipan “Dalam bayang-bayang kebanyakan orang, “kehidupan yang sebenarnya” memiliki arti kemewahan dan kesenangan. Sebuah majalah berita Asia menyatakan “Orang yang menonton film atau tayangan tv belajar menghasratkan apa yang mereka lihat, memimpikan apa yang mungkin bisa mereka miliki” “.
  • Mengejar kekayaan serta status sosial dijadikan tujuan hidup oleh banyak orang. Banyak yang mengorbankan masa muda, kesehatan, kehidupan keluarga, serta nilai-nilai rohani mereka. Demi kesenangan-kesenangan sesaat.
    Tak banyak yang menyadari bahwa gambaran yang disampaikan media hanyalah cerminan kusam, egois, dan mencetak pola fikir yang dominan mempengaruhi mayoritas penduduk dunia. Mendorong mereka untuk bertindak bertentangan dengan kehendak, tujuan Allah atas kita.
  • Jadi tidaklah heran bila banyak orang tak bahagia dewasa ini.
  • Itu sekelumit kecil kata yang ingin kusampaikan. Bukan aku ingin sinis, egois, terhadap kehidupan yang dijalankan orang di luar sana. Itu fakta. Realita hidup yang nyata dan ada di sekitar kita. Yang tidak kita pungkiri. Atau kamu, memungkirinya?
    Alangkah baiknya mencari jati diri, mendapatkan arti hidup yang bermakna, berarti. Bukan mengisi hidup ini dengan kesenangan yang kita miliki, materi, pendidikan, pekerjaan saja. Bukanlah itu. Itu hanyalah sarana, dan hal itupun akan sia-sia tanpa dilandasi kebutuhan akan perkara rohani. Bimbingan akan kecintaan kita pada Allah kita.
  • Aku secara pribadi berharap padamu, mengundangmu...Bukanlah menggurui. Pilihlah yang tepat, dengan cermat. Milikilah tujuan hidup yang berarti, cita-cita yang jelas. Sasaran untuk jerih lelahmu dalam menjalankan hidup ini.
    Bukan berarti hidup yang kamu jalankan selama ini tidak berarti. Bukan itu maksudku! Aku berharap kita semua...orang-orang yang kukenal, keluarga, sahabat, saudaraku...Bersama-sama memiliki tujuan hidup yang mulia, karena faktanya kita dikaruniai kecerdasan, suara hati nurani, kemampuan untuk bernalar. Ini menyiratkan bahwa kita merupakan ciptaan Allah yang Dia beri kemampuan luar biasa dalam alam ini.
    Sisihkanlah waktumu dalam hidup ini untuk mendekatkan dirimu pada Allahmu. Agar kamu dikenal dan disayang...seperti halnya kasih orang tua pada kita. Memang waktu ini cepat berlalu. Keadaan tak ada yang langgeng dan pasti. namun kita hadapi semua itu dengan ketabahan, mawas diri. Bila perlu dengan air mata duka, tak hanya suka. Asalkan kita tak lenyap karena waktu, kejadian-kejadian. Berharap padaNya, agar selalu diingat dan dihantarkan ke tempat yang damai.
  • Entah kapan. Tapi insyaAllah pasti! Kita dihadapkan pada keputusan yang harus kita ambil, yang sangat penting dalam hidup ini. Secara pribadi di hadapan Allah. Sekarang atau masa depan.
    Akan suatu pilihan hidup.
    Mendekatkan, atau menjauhkan diri dari Allah. Barkah atau laknat. Diingat olehNya atau dilupakan dan ditinggalkan.
    Itulah yang harus kita pilih.
    Dan kita terima akibatnya.
  • Inilah yang bisa kuberikan padamu. Hanya serpihan, lembaran, tulisan kata-kata yang tersisih di pinggir jalan hidup.
  • Ada yang bilang:
    Berjuanglah sebagai pejuang yang baik dengan iman, dan yang terakhir, yang terbaik yang kita miliki, kita persembahkan pada Allah dan sesama kita”.

Sunday, 2 December 2007

Miracle quotidienne (daily miracle/mukjizat dalm hidup sehari-hari)

So, last friday i got up too late. Way too late. Cost me my first meeting in that very day. But God taught me precious lesson. Invaluable lesson, as many of God's teachings.

As i told you. Got up way too late. I had to go to masjid/mosque for the friday special prayer. Going there at 12 o'clock? it'd have been crowded to the last corner!

Hey, so we're not going? Haul ass. Move it. Sorry for my language.

I didn't get that late for no reason. For once, until then, i had been having trouble sleeping. The person i love so hard to bring that person back to the right track...the track where whatever that person decide God permits would be the best for that person. So, hardly slept.

Then, for so long a time, i'd been despising abg/teenager/persons average from 15/17 to around 23 years old, especially the product ot the latest times. So childish and yet so cocky and overconfident. Like inviting an adult's hand to slap their faces into oblivion.

Well, i arrived at the masjid, as i had predicted. Crowded, to the last corner. having had wudhu/religious purification/misogi with water, i strolled to the last line of the prayer's attendants. Looking..searching...God help me, not a single tiny spot...Untill when i travelled the back of the very last attendants line, a voice called me: "mas (brother), (come) over here"

Know what? It was a teenager, a boy, with such a soft, polite voice. Inviting me to share his sajdah (praying mat) ! In such an elbow to elbow situation!

Call it what you like. God knows better. God teaches me:
  1. When you believe in something good, fight for it. To the last bullet. Even when there seems no more long as it is something good and you do strive for it...Hey, God is easy with His miracle. It's free. He'll give you the best. Sometimes, the exact thing you've been striving for...with some bonuses.
  2. There are still noble people in this realm. Let's not too easily and quickly judge, not to mention hate, based on generalization, people coming from a certain group just because some other members of that very group happen to be jerks and the like.

Well, may God bless you= )