Monday, 25 February 2008

The CIA, the abuse...

I'm reading a particular book right now (not while typing), and dare myself to ask you this:

do you ever wonder what the CIA has been doing?

The CIA, the spooks, has kidnapped many persons they deemed opposing USA's interest (they consider themselves the true representation of USA people). Maimed many people, tortured many of them, launching character killing campaign (don't immediately believe anything in world's major media publication), supporting if not actualy moving coup d'etat in many countries, selling dopes...If there's turmoil in your country and it seems potential to give benefit to USA, chances are they are there too.

Take the Abu Ghraib for instance. People beaten there. Forced to stand covered in human dungs. Let chased by dogs.

The children, the parents, in Nicaragua, Argentine, Somali, Pakistan, German, Afghanistan, Iraq...Those who suffer and die either now or in the past...Don't you think you may become their new victim? Or maybe you simply won't. Who am i to be their latest victim? Of course. Just live this life not caring for others. Just follow the mainstream, make the best profit out of anything you encounter in this life. You may actually grow rich, powerful, untouchable. So you think.
And we all render ourselves into something indescribable, for even animal still contains compassion.

Is this the kind of world you enjoy living in? Maybe you live in some mansion or appartment in Malibu, or Kuningan street in Jakarta, or Ginza in Tokyo, the area near Champs Elyssee, and life seems just fine. Why would i bother with the suffering of others then? Or you're too poor to think anything beside money making.

Because we weren't there. Because we create some reasons to not follow the news. Because it wasn't us who were trapped in all those disaster, crying outloud, begging everything to stop.
Have you seen the movie Matrix? It's actually quite philosophical. We create a system, governing our world, internationally speaking, then also our country, our family, our selves...Then we don't realize it. We simply born, try to make money as much as we can, after we gain enough, we still feel not enough, then look for some more. And we start to break existing rules, making new ones that will accomodate our actions. Then the system we or our parents created start to make us the victim, the subject of it. We no longer hold control of ourselves.
What happens to others, directly or indirectly, quick or slow, will affect us too. And we simply too occupied with our own wants, sometimes not just basic needs but something we don't really need but simply desire...and we all turn ourselves into the victims of those hungry wolves who simply play with rules and the situation to enrich themselves too.

Is it not enough suffering to makes us realize the truth, unite, and start to do something?