Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Ego 2#

For all these times, Islam has been mis-understood and mis-interpreted, taken as a source of threat. Simply because it mainly teaches human (and jins) not to take their own self as the ground for determining right or wrong, but to take God as the basis for doing so. Simply because it teaches humans (and jins) not to rely on their own selfish ego to judge anything.

Just imagine. If we take what the north americans (and perhaps also the rest of the white people including the europeans) believe, that "truth is personal", then we'll come up with different versions of truth almost as much as living and even deceased persons ever live (and still live) on this planet. Yet, the fact is, we all live in the same plane, the same realm. Like it or not, and believe it or not, anything we did, do, and will do, will affect others.  The question is simply directly or indirectly, in short, middle, or after a long term. Still, we're interconnected.

So, take for example a bunch of natives in amazon or kalahari or papua or simply elsewhere, anywhere where we can find indigenuous people and rich land or body of water. They have their version of truth. Since "truth is personal", a big company planning on extracting and manipulating those rich soil or water simply has to hire expert(s), lawyer(s), to define what is "right" and "beneficial" etc. It doesn't have to be true, just has to make sense and right sounding. So, they gain the contract and start plundering the soil or water area. Will the result be different than a destruction of earth, regardless of they have all the public relation announcement explanation through the media, all the papers etc, describing them as doing something rightfully? The results, the facts, speak, and for us to carry the burden. Not all the justification been made up.

Or, prostitution. Say "what the heck, i play by myself, who will i do hurt then?" or "let them be, as long as me and my family have nothing to do with it". Sure. You play yourself, you keep that activity going on in your neighbourhood. You catch hiv aids, you get sick You yourself get hurt? No. You can't work. The place you've been working for loses its productivity. You can't afford your family. Me and my family have nothing to do with it? One day, either one of the prostitutes or their consumers gets hiv aids, then have a wound, and incidentally bruise over the skin of one of your family member, since you all live in the same neighbourhood. The same. And the above are just some of the misfortunes that might take place for using yourself as the basis for right or wrong.

So, rely on ourselves to determine which is right and which is wrong. It instantly turn out to be a simple contest of brute strength, wether physical, monetary, thinking strength, etc. Whatever the results, it will we ourselves again who have to live with it.

Still want to rely on our own self then to define the truth?

Find the truth. Consult God. Learn and study Islam. Get rid of those selfish ego of ours. Of me and you.

Ps/nb: and don't tell me you don't care about what happens to others, to nature, it won't affect you...It does.  And people still complain whenever something bad happens on them, even when they have their share in making it happen.