Saturday, 29 March 2008

Charges on Islam

Many charges and accusations are directed towards Islam as a religion and Muslims as people who (supposedly) take islam as their way of and life guiding principle. These charges are easily found, be it in some christian conggregation, wether catholics, protestant, Jehovah's witnesses, in mass media subtly put under news by the using of words such as terrorist, extremist, etc. You can find them easily in European and North American products of thought, like books, tv shows, again mass media, etc.

Usually, the most utilized charge is that islam is a religion teaching, no, preaching its adherents, to be agressive, to attack people of different faith. FYI, use your logic and consciousness, people who claim to have no faith are actually having faith, which is that whatever they themselves deem true is the truth.

Islam is been said as urging the use of terrorism against anybody who dares to differ from them.

Funny. Muslims so far constitute the largest portion of people classed under their religion on this planet. Say, they all go into rage, this planet would be so quickly, literally, torn apart, not needing nuclear explosive. So, everytime an accusation, sometime harsh one, is made and directed towards islam and muslim, it resulted in some of the muslim immediately go up, sometime, (although mostly just in words) to defend their position and their faith, indeed to the boundary of becoming a combatant themselves. If anybody rob you and rape your wife and children, or slay your parents, closest friends, or cut your husband's neck...would you stand still? Even if you're a follower of some claiming-to-be-gentle Jehovah's witnesses? Will you actually get security by just thinking only of yourselves and not offering any resistance to any threat?

Then the other bigger portion of muslims will usually follow their clerics advises, which is not to retaliate the accusers action by violent actions. So, the muslim just keep themselves cool, again and again. Because if they dare to spank the accuser, even after she/he is proven wrong (not to mention to be found carrying some other hidden patron's hidden agenda), the accusers companion in arm will immediately say how true the accusation was, for the muslim do launch violent action.

So, the muslim and their islamic faith keep cool, whatever, how many, however the form of charges and accusations made and directed towards them.

Is islam as religion and the muslims as people adopting islam really violent intolerant terrorist then...?

Monday, 24 March 2008

The Strike

I start to ask myself, why do you tend to name your posting with titles resembling movie title? Well, maybe because that's how life is. Like a movie, where sometimes, one scene would say a million words.

Ok, so let's get going with it. Whenever someone launches a strike, be it with bare hand/foot, with a sword, etc, whenever she/he does it with the utmost intensity based on some bad motivation, say, hatred, the move becomes a very predictable one. Oh, you're welcome to try it for yourself to prove= ) But whenever we launch it simply with purity of motivation, it simply swings just like that right to the target. Hard to imagine, huh? Have to try it for our ownselves.

So, what's the point? The point is:
  1. When we do something not simply because we want to but because it is a necessity, even in killing, God permits it'll be such a smooth, easily done activity. God permits we'll gain success pulling it, even sometimes earn some bonuses, so to speak. But how can we be able to do it? Simple. By relaxing. How can we be relax, say, in the midst of battle? Will you believe my answer? I say we naturally relax, again, when we do something that is really ought to be done. Like helping someone. Will we let any thoughts apart from how to actually do the helping stop us from helping anybody in trouble? When we do something God says is righteous, if we succeed, we'll simply be happy, succeeding, gain victory, etc. When we fail or even die, we know God knows all and will appreciate whatever it was we were doing. So, no losses. Just do the right, good, decent thing. And again, just do it.
  2. There are many lessons of life behind many aspects of good, true, martial arts. It's not about maiming others, actually, honestly.

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

From the novel Rob Roy McGregor

And to his sword he would have said,
'Do Thou my Souvereign will enact
From land to land through all the earth!
Judge Thou of law and fact!

Nice reading/movie, that Rob Roy McGregor. Recomended. Not for children though. What makes me write that poem, slightly modified, was that in this ending chapter of our race's history we really do have to ask for God's salvation, before His judgement. And sometimes, like it or not, we have to employ the sword to uphold and enforce that judgement of God.

Saturday, 1 March 2008

The Traffic

Nooo, this is not a movie or novel title. Would make a good one though, don't you think so= D? Well, last night i finally realized that in tranquil nights like the ones i usually experience here in my housing complex, i could actually heard the sound of the faraway traffic. The horns, the exhaust pipes sounds, the sirene...Reminded me of big cities like Tokyo and New York. Hopefully our lives here won't get nasty as there.

So, a friend of mine said "You don't know what patience is until you ever get trapped in the traffic of Jakarta!" Then she added "and until you ever experienced being the passenger of one of the Jakarta's public transport". Maybe one day the Shaolin temple will oblige their would be student to go to Jakarta and experience street life here, in order to make them learn the "values of patience, humbility, and humility". Wonder if they can take it= )