Saturday, 1 March 2008

The Traffic

Nooo, this is not a movie or novel title. Would make a good one though, don't you think so= D? Well, last night i finally realized that in tranquil nights like the ones i usually experience here in my housing complex, i could actually heard the sound of the faraway traffic. The horns, the exhaust pipes sounds, the sirene...Reminded me of big cities like Tokyo and New York. Hopefully our lives here won't get nasty as there.

So, a friend of mine said "You don't know what patience is until you ever get trapped in the traffic of Jakarta!" Then she added "and until you ever experienced being the passenger of one of the Jakarta's public transport". Maybe one day the Shaolin temple will oblige their would be student to go to Jakarta and experience street life here, in order to make them learn the "values of patience, humbility, and humility". Wonder if they can take it= )

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