Saturday, 5 April 2008


Several days ago, a guy i know wanted to commit suicide. Life had been so heavy for him. Then another friend of his told him, that if he doesn't commit suicide and be a pious, devout person (of course, including continuing to be so), the credit from God won't just go to him but to his parents also.

Hey, nice bargain= )!

Friday, 4 April 2008

Time...precious time

Wonder how precious time is. You know, there's a poem in Japan which sounds
among flowers, the cherry blossom
among men, samurai

Cherry blossom is sakura. Samurai(s) are Japanese knights, or they who live by their principle. Samurai have been upheld as the true highest form of manhood, compared to sakura. It is said the life of a samurai is like the life of a sakura.


Unlike many other flowers, sakura blooms in a moretheless same time all around the world. Sakura has a big tree, and it is so rare for anybody to find a tree with full sakura blossoming. Usually, it is 80% of the whole buds that go blossoming. More than that, unlike other flowers that go blossom in slow state, then spend several days or weeks in blossom state, gradually getting dry, lame, and then drop dead to the groud, sakura stays in their blossom state for just several hours or days, then still in their full bloom glory fall to the ground.

Dies, at the height of it's life.

We never know when, where, and how we're going to die, do we?

Isn't it a reason for us to treasure every second of our lives, to make every second counted, lived to the fullest, to be spent to do the best deeds of our lives, wherever whatever with regard to whoever it is?

To die as the best person God allows us to be. To the fullest.

If you still don't (or don't want to and make the best use of it) realize the value of time...then you might as well ask Valentino Rossi or Michael Schumacher.

Tua dan Muda

Ini ada puisi kecil yang cukup baik untuk direnungkan:

Yang tua kagum yang muda sudah sadar
Yang muda kagum, yang tua masih mau belajar