Friday, 24 October 2008

Tubuhku Adalah Milikku

Ada sebagian wanita yang berpendirian: karena tubuhnya adalah miliknya, maka ia bebas memperlakukan tubuhnya itu. Bebas menampilkan tubuhnya melalui dandanan yang sesuai dengan keinginannya di depan publik.

Kisah berikut ini katanya terjadi di sebuah apotek di Jakarta Barat. Seorang wanita muda masuk ke dalam apotek dan langsung menuju petugas penerima resep. Ia berpenampilan seksi, dengan rok pendek dan kaus ketat membalut tubuhnya, hingga sebagian (besar) tubuhnya masih nampak, seperti perut, pusar.

Setelah menyerahkan resep dokter, ia mengambil tempat duduk persis di sebelah laki-laki muda yang sejak awal mengikuti kedatangan wanita muda itu dengan tatapan matanya.

Dengan suara perlahan namun masih dapat didengar orang di sekitarnya, lelaki muda itu membuka percakapan.

"Mbak, tarifnya berapa?"

Si perempuan muda nampak terkejut. Ia menatap dengan marah pada lelaki tadi. Kemudian dengan nada ketus ia menjawab "Saya bukan pelacur, bukan wanita murahan!!!"

Si lelaki tak kurang marahnya. "Siapa yang bilang mbak pelacur atau wanita murahan!?! Saya cuma nanyain tarif,karena mbak bedandan kaya' lagi ngejajain sesuatu!"

Terjadi perang mulut yang membuat pengunjung lain apotek itu ikut menyaksikan. Dengan nada tinggi si wanita muda berkata ketus "tubuh saya milik saya ya! Saya bebas mau ngapain aja dengan ini tubuh, dasar lu aja yang pikirannya kotor!"

Si lelaki muda tak mau kalah. "Saya bebas memakai mata saya! Saya juga bebas memakai mulut saya, termasuk untuk nanya kau tarifnya berapa! Saya juga bebas make' pikiran saya!"

Si wanita muda tak kehabisan argumen. "Saya bisa melaporkan anda ke polisi karena melakukan perbuatan tidak menyenangkan!"

"Silakan", kata si lelaki. "Saya juga bisa menuntut anda dengan tuduhan melakukan perbuatan tidak menyenangkan. Termasuk anda telah menganggu ketenangan 'adik' saya. Kau ke apotek mau nebus obat atau bangunin 'adik' saya?"

Mungkin karena malu (kalau masih punya red.), si wanita muda tadi sekonyong-konyong meninggalkan apotek, padahal urusannya belum selesai. Sedangkan si lelaki setelah selesai dengan urusannya pun pergi ngeloyor dengan wajah bersungut-sungut.

Terima kasih pada mas Wardiman.

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Ooo, Ramadhan...

Har har, it's ramadhan again; D! Fasting. Yes, we muslims do the fasting. Let's run a test: notice how many times and how easily we swear at others. Now, especially that now is the month of fasting.

You'll notice how violent, rude, we, our lives, have been.

Ah, ya...the month of fasting. A good time for contemplating. To run self checks.

Thursday, 19 June 2008

Urban Educated Women Nowadays

Well, the title says it all. Many of them, the numbers are growing, still thank God not all of them, are becoming more and more...

If you ever got close to this specific group of women, up until the point of asking their hand, you will usually find that they won't accept harsh treatment. Well of course, almost all major religion and culture teach us not to. Including our sanity and consciousness. But they steer this act up to the direction that they won't even accept it should they be scolded, even for what apparently is a mistake, an over the limit one (so the man scold her), on their behalf. Facing this truth, they usually chose celibacy. Fancying that they could afford living without men. "What's men for? I can live without any of them!", they are use to say.

That's exactly what men are for. Logically, yes, if life is just work-eat-having fun-sex-sleep, to be repeated everyday, you might think you don't need men. Then, without men, women won't be able to bore children and the one saying the previous sentence won't even born.

Then, where is the fun in life without sex? Yes, you can have sex without marriage, but you may not. All research, conducted by health, social, and other fields scientists, even the ones we can conduct by ourselves in daily lives, simply show how destructive free sex is. God doesn't forbid it with no reason. Good ones. You simply endangers yourself of phisically contract many disease, horrible ones (mind you, condoms simply reduce the risk. It's not totally safe. Its pores still bigger than hiv aids virus), while mentally you turn yourself into something even animals would be embarrased of. You kill your own heart, by denying what you feel toward your sex mate when you're coupling. That any sane person will do so with the utmost joy by doing so with love. And love includes responsibility.

While without ever having sex, delivering and breast milk feeding baby, women are also prone to several cancers.

Many says women can do what men can do in terms of jobs in life. Well, life's not that simple. There's the saying "why women can't read map". I've proven this. There are things only women can do, such as delivering babies. There are things that men do best, like being soldiers. Doesn't necessarily mean women can't do it, but we can not hang our country's fate to some persons having menstruation while in the midst of battle, for example, correct?

It's not about men are higher than women. In islam women are actually higher. Women being confined not to travel recklessly, for instance, so they can be guarded against evil men. If a poor family have extra money, their boy is put to college first instead of the girl, not to discriminate the girls, but to prepare that boy for tougher jobs, while the girls can be kept safe with their parents.

Do you think a president is a more noble person than a farmer? Isn't it just positions? The president carries a bigger, heavier responsibility, not guaranteeing he be a clean person (just take a look at some of u.s.a's presidents), and still he cannot live without the food produced by farmers.

So the same goes with girls and boys. They are not meant to be competed. Each have their own plusses and minuses. We are simply incomparable in some instances. We share our similarities and also differences. And we need each other to fill each other's gaps in order to get the best of this and the next life.

Ever thought of that, any of you out there?

The Gap

So, several weeks ago i bought some apet/cucur cake. Indonesian traditional light meal. The seller, an elderly figure, gave me 7 cakes for the price of 6. Imagine that. 1$ roughly equals idr 10.000 nowadays. 1 cake costs just idr 500. What fortune he'd make with such price?

I started asking myself then. That kind of small time vendor. An another sandal and shoe repairer who charged me for just idr 7000, while the same kind of repair would take idr 50.000 in malls. A fried bean curd seller gave me extra for already cheap fried bean curd and other fried snacks. Those people...The small time people, the have not, the way we call them worldwide, ordinary people, they gave their service or sell their goods for such low price, in this harsh economic time. While the rich ones, especially the ones who take selling, be it goods or services, as their occupation, ever you looked at them? Not all of them, but as days go by more and more of them...selling their goods, sometimes goods or services of luxuries, not the ones classified as main or even secondary necessities, at such a high price that everybody with a bit clean consciousness would see it as improper. And even still they strive to gain more and more fortune by cheating people if necessary and possible. By tripling the real price, by not telling the truth to the buyers, etc.

The small people, whose life is logically harsher and harder than could they be more sincere? And they who gain enormous fortune and still feel not enough...what are those fortunes for? For example, a friend told me of this luxurious apartment in Jakarta where one day rent goes for idr 2 million or roughly $200. One day rent. RENT, not sold. Where did they get those money? It might not be kosher/halal money after all. Please notice, hereby i refer to people who rent excessively expensive appartments in pursue of luxury, lifestyle, etc. Not the ones who have small choices in choosing living place, if they stll have any. Like the owner of the company handling the Nike license here, while Nike, if it was true, employed under age children! They are just like those army and rebel in Latin America and Africa! Employing underage children, for, of course, under standard salary...!?! They got those money from abusing people!

And those money, which might not give them the "enough" hire that kind of apartment, for example...? Do you know how un-healthy living in an apartment is? Mentally, you don't communicate enough in healthy manner. Grooming individualism. Physically, you don't get in touch with enough sunshine, fresh air...Not to mention apartments are under constant danger from earthquake. Imagine, about 6 Richter scale and everybody come tumbling down in not so funny fashion.

Hey, i received a news. Staying for suspended time i any place far from the ground will weaken our bones, because we become separated by quite a distance from earth's center of gravity.

Won't it be better to look at the small people? Taking them as reminder, that God permits, we can AND SHOULD do better in and for this life. We can employ them, if we're that powerful. We might have to give them education courses first, but in the end we won't just have some new dependable employees, we'll also be diminishing un-employment in our own nation!

With the fortune we make, we can spare some amount to help others with their education and businesses, provided they are small and medium ones. We help others empower themselves, in turn they will help us too, God permits, with God knows what way. Will be a sweet surprise.

Sincerity. To erase the gap. Clarity of goal in our life. Let's do it.

Saturday, 5 April 2008


Several days ago, a guy i know wanted to commit suicide. Life had been so heavy for him. Then another friend of his told him, that if he doesn't commit suicide and be a pious, devout person (of course, including continuing to be so), the credit from God won't just go to him but to his parents also.

Hey, nice bargain= )!

Friday, 4 April 2008

Time...precious time

Wonder how precious time is. You know, there's a poem in Japan which sounds
among flowers, the cherry blossom
among men, samurai

Cherry blossom is sakura. Samurai(s) are Japanese knights, or they who live by their principle. Samurai have been upheld as the true highest form of manhood, compared to sakura. It is said the life of a samurai is like the life of a sakura.


Unlike many other flowers, sakura blooms in a moretheless same time all around the world. Sakura has a big tree, and it is so rare for anybody to find a tree with full sakura blossoming. Usually, it is 80% of the whole buds that go blossoming. More than that, unlike other flowers that go blossom in slow state, then spend several days or weeks in blossom state, gradually getting dry, lame, and then drop dead to the groud, sakura stays in their blossom state for just several hours or days, then still in their full bloom glory fall to the ground.

Dies, at the height of it's life.

We never know when, where, and how we're going to die, do we?

Isn't it a reason for us to treasure every second of our lives, to make every second counted, lived to the fullest, to be spent to do the best deeds of our lives, wherever whatever with regard to whoever it is?

To die as the best person God allows us to be. To the fullest.

If you still don't (or don't want to and make the best use of it) realize the value of time...then you might as well ask Valentino Rossi or Michael Schumacher.

Tua dan Muda

Ini ada puisi kecil yang cukup baik untuk direnungkan:

Yang tua kagum yang muda sudah sadar
Yang muda kagum, yang tua masih mau belajar

Saturday, 29 March 2008

Charges on Islam

Many charges and accusations are directed towards Islam as a religion and Muslims as people who (supposedly) take islam as their way of and life guiding principle. These charges are easily found, be it in some christian conggregation, wether catholics, protestant, Jehovah's witnesses, in mass media subtly put under news by the using of words such as terrorist, extremist, etc. You can find them easily in European and North American products of thought, like books, tv shows, again mass media, etc.

Usually, the most utilized charge is that islam is a religion teaching, no, preaching its adherents, to be agressive, to attack people of different faith. FYI, use your logic and consciousness, people who claim to have no faith are actually having faith, which is that whatever they themselves deem true is the truth.

Islam is been said as urging the use of terrorism against anybody who dares to differ from them.

Funny. Muslims so far constitute the largest portion of people classed under their religion on this planet. Say, they all go into rage, this planet would be so quickly, literally, torn apart, not needing nuclear explosive. So, everytime an accusation, sometime harsh one, is made and directed towards islam and muslim, it resulted in some of the muslim immediately go up, sometime, (although mostly just in words) to defend their position and their faith, indeed to the boundary of becoming a combatant themselves. If anybody rob you and rape your wife and children, or slay your parents, closest friends, or cut your husband's neck...would you stand still? Even if you're a follower of some claiming-to-be-gentle Jehovah's witnesses? Will you actually get security by just thinking only of yourselves and not offering any resistance to any threat?

Then the other bigger portion of muslims will usually follow their clerics advises, which is not to retaliate the accusers action by violent actions. So, the muslim just keep themselves cool, again and again. Because if they dare to spank the accuser, even after she/he is proven wrong (not to mention to be found carrying some other hidden patron's hidden agenda), the accusers companion in arm will immediately say how true the accusation was, for the muslim do launch violent action.

So, the muslim and their islamic faith keep cool, whatever, how many, however the form of charges and accusations made and directed towards them.

Is islam as religion and the muslims as people adopting islam really violent intolerant terrorist then...?

Monday, 24 March 2008

The Strike

I start to ask myself, why do you tend to name your posting with titles resembling movie title? Well, maybe because that's how life is. Like a movie, where sometimes, one scene would say a million words.

Ok, so let's get going with it. Whenever someone launches a strike, be it with bare hand/foot, with a sword, etc, whenever she/he does it with the utmost intensity based on some bad motivation, say, hatred, the move becomes a very predictable one. Oh, you're welcome to try it for yourself to prove= ) But whenever we launch it simply with purity of motivation, it simply swings just like that right to the target. Hard to imagine, huh? Have to try it for our ownselves.

So, what's the point? The point is:
  1. When we do something not simply because we want to but because it is a necessity, even in killing, God permits it'll be such a smooth, easily done activity. God permits we'll gain success pulling it, even sometimes earn some bonuses, so to speak. But how can we be able to do it? Simple. By relaxing. How can we be relax, say, in the midst of battle? Will you believe my answer? I say we naturally relax, again, when we do something that is really ought to be done. Like helping someone. Will we let any thoughts apart from how to actually do the helping stop us from helping anybody in trouble? When we do something God says is righteous, if we succeed, we'll simply be happy, succeeding, gain victory, etc. When we fail or even die, we know God knows all and will appreciate whatever it was we were doing. So, no losses. Just do the right, good, decent thing. And again, just do it.
  2. There are many lessons of life behind many aspects of good, true, martial arts. It's not about maiming others, actually, honestly.

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

From the novel Rob Roy McGregor

And to his sword he would have said,
'Do Thou my Souvereign will enact
From land to land through all the earth!
Judge Thou of law and fact!

Nice reading/movie, that Rob Roy McGregor. Recomended. Not for children though. What makes me write that poem, slightly modified, was that in this ending chapter of our race's history we really do have to ask for God's salvation, before His judgement. And sometimes, like it or not, we have to employ the sword to uphold and enforce that judgement of God.

Saturday, 1 March 2008

The Traffic

Nooo, this is not a movie or novel title. Would make a good one though, don't you think so= D? Well, last night i finally realized that in tranquil nights like the ones i usually experience here in my housing complex, i could actually heard the sound of the faraway traffic. The horns, the exhaust pipes sounds, the sirene...Reminded me of big cities like Tokyo and New York. Hopefully our lives here won't get nasty as there.

So, a friend of mine said "You don't know what patience is until you ever get trapped in the traffic of Jakarta!" Then she added "and until you ever experienced being the passenger of one of the Jakarta's public transport". Maybe one day the Shaolin temple will oblige their would be student to go to Jakarta and experience street life here, in order to make them learn the "values of patience, humbility, and humility". Wonder if they can take it= )

Monday, 25 February 2008

The CIA, the abuse...

I'm reading a particular book right now (not while typing), and dare myself to ask you this:

do you ever wonder what the CIA has been doing?

The CIA, the spooks, has kidnapped many persons they deemed opposing USA's interest (they consider themselves the true representation of USA people). Maimed many people, tortured many of them, launching character killing campaign (don't immediately believe anything in world's major media publication), supporting if not actualy moving coup d'etat in many countries, selling dopes...If there's turmoil in your country and it seems potential to give benefit to USA, chances are they are there too.

Take the Abu Ghraib for instance. People beaten there. Forced to stand covered in human dungs. Let chased by dogs.

The children, the parents, in Nicaragua, Argentine, Somali, Pakistan, German, Afghanistan, Iraq...Those who suffer and die either now or in the past...Don't you think you may become their new victim? Or maybe you simply won't. Who am i to be their latest victim? Of course. Just live this life not caring for others. Just follow the mainstream, make the best profit out of anything you encounter in this life. You may actually grow rich, powerful, untouchable. So you think.
And we all render ourselves into something indescribable, for even animal still contains compassion.

Is this the kind of world you enjoy living in? Maybe you live in some mansion or appartment in Malibu, or Kuningan street in Jakarta, or Ginza in Tokyo, the area near Champs Elyssee, and life seems just fine. Why would i bother with the suffering of others then? Or you're too poor to think anything beside money making.

Because we weren't there. Because we create some reasons to not follow the news. Because it wasn't us who were trapped in all those disaster, crying outloud, begging everything to stop.
Have you seen the movie Matrix? It's actually quite philosophical. We create a system, governing our world, internationally speaking, then also our country, our family, our selves...Then we don't realize it. We simply born, try to make money as much as we can, after we gain enough, we still feel not enough, then look for some more. And we start to break existing rules, making new ones that will accomodate our actions. Then the system we or our parents created start to make us the victim, the subject of it. We no longer hold control of ourselves.
What happens to others, directly or indirectly, quick or slow, will affect us too. And we simply too occupied with our own wants, sometimes not just basic needs but something we don't really need but simply desire...and we all turn ourselves into the victims of those hungry wolves who simply play with rules and the situation to enrich themselves too.

Is it not enough suffering to makes us realize the truth, unite, and start to do something?