Monday, 24 March 2008

The Strike

I start to ask myself, why do you tend to name your posting with titles resembling movie title? Well, maybe because that's how life is. Like a movie, where sometimes, one scene would say a million words.

Ok, so let's get going with it. Whenever someone launches a strike, be it with bare hand/foot, with a sword, etc, whenever she/he does it with the utmost intensity based on some bad motivation, say, hatred, the move becomes a very predictable one. Oh, you're welcome to try it for yourself to prove= ) But whenever we launch it simply with purity of motivation, it simply swings just like that right to the target. Hard to imagine, huh? Have to try it for our ownselves.

So, what's the point? The point is:
  1. When we do something not simply because we want to but because it is a necessity, even in killing, God permits it'll be such a smooth, easily done activity. God permits we'll gain success pulling it, even sometimes earn some bonuses, so to speak. But how can we be able to do it? Simple. By relaxing. How can we be relax, say, in the midst of battle? Will you believe my answer? I say we naturally relax, again, when we do something that is really ought to be done. Like helping someone. Will we let any thoughts apart from how to actually do the helping stop us from helping anybody in trouble? When we do something God says is righteous, if we succeed, we'll simply be happy, succeeding, gain victory, etc. When we fail or even die, we know God knows all and will appreciate whatever it was we were doing. So, no losses. Just do the right, good, decent thing. And again, just do it.
  2. There are many lessons of life behind many aspects of good, true, martial arts. It's not about maiming others, actually, honestly.

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