Saturday, 6 March 2010


  There's no such thing such being an atheist. It is simply rejecting to take anything as divine but one own self, and so right or wrong is defined by one own self. Taking one own self as the divine one, as God, realize it or not. Since the right of defining right or wrong lays with God.

  So, there's no atheist. Won't it simply be the same...?


  There's no such thing such as being an agnostic. You can't believe in God (His existence) while denying His rules, laws, firmaments. God is an entity in Itself. He comes with His attributes, such as The All Powerful, The Omnipotent, The One Who Is Always Right And True, etc. Denying His attributes would mean denying His existence at all.

  So there is no agnostic. Just a term self made by human to justify their reluctance in taking God as God, instead of their own selves.