Monday, 17 December 2007


Do you ever study or heard, at least read perhaps, of this thing called blackhole? It's well detailed in Stephen Hawking's book A Brief History Of Time (or Of Universe? Sorry, i forget). It's say a rupture in the fabric or the material of this universe itself, suppose we take our universe as a cloth or something like it. It's not actually black, it just absorb everything including light by its enormous gravity, thus we cannot even perceive its existence except by special apparatus, like gamma ray detector.

So, there it goes. Blackholes possess and exert tremendous gravity. They are like pockmarks in this universe. You can find them in unpredicted places. But then, Stepehn mentioned, back by many investigation, theories i have read myself (i'll be glad if you give me more inputs on this), that things as we know in this universe, all are ellpitical, roundlike, in motion. Let's take a look. The smallest thing we know, quark, are a bunch of tiny balls, one acting as the center, the going round that center. The assembly of quarks produce neutron, again acting as center, proton, as the positively charged static satellites of neutron, and electron, the source of electricity, orbiting around neutron and proton. The assembly of that constellation make atom. Several atoms produces molecules. Molecules produces agents, such as carbon, iron. Any certain composition of them make roks, woods, the tissues i our bodies (like retina, hair, etc). We, the thing composed of all those, inhabit earth. Planets, again, orbiting a center, a star, sun in our solar system. The explanation goes: several solar systems also have a center and satellites (orbiting celestial bodies) system too. One solar system as the center, several other as the satelites. Again, several of this organization compose a galaxy. Then again, several galaxies make the same center and satellits system.

Then i read once in a Kawanku magazine, that garvity could actually be immitated. How? Simple. Put a massively dense object as the center, then put several other much smaller objects around it and make them move orbitibg the previous center. You'll have centrifugal and centripetal force, and you'll have gravity, God permits.

Look at those people doing ta'waf. Suppose ka'bah is the radio to reach God, and we all go orbiting it...what if i say that if we put God as the center of our lives, then we'll have a life with clear way? We'll never go unstable. We will have a lear path, with a clear destination, because we're bounded by the force that will keep us on track. Never fall outside, nor inside.

See how aikido and tai chi warriors fight. They always put themselves as the center, making circular movements, harmonizing with their attackers.

Then, shouldn't we wonder, "but what keeps all these galaxies in their respective place?"

Well, how about the blackholes? They are the end products of star dying after glowing for so long a times. Their positions, somehow, make them with their gravitational power some anchors for the rest of the celestial beings. Other galaxies, planets, the active ones.

Who calculated their positions, let even that they do have purpose of existence afterall?

Blackholes are actually massive themselves. So, massive things are naturally determined to be the center of the surrounding thinhs, eh...? How about good, smart, wise people, naturally become the buoys, the lighthouse, for the surrounding environment? Including people around them? Aren't good values always encompass others, to recognize those values, to eventually practice those values, and so make their ownselves new centers in the end, thus spreading goodness? Prophets, apostles, scientists, sages of the past have proven the liability of this idea. Why don't we start ourselves?

Ah, isn't God great...= )?

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