Friday, 7 December 2007

One flew apart from the team

A friend of mine, laying on hospital bed, phoned me last afternoon. To announce the death of another close friend of ours.

The passing guy was around 27 years old. A good boy, as far as i knew him. One of the few i consider brothers to me. One of the very few who actually paid me visit during my hospital days. One i knew insyaAllah i could always count on whenever it's about something good. One who didn't want me to die in vain.

Justly, he's gone.

His brothers told me, how he left this mortal world in such a "clean" and quick fashion. And indeed, i had known him as insyaAllah a person quite devoted to God.

So. Good girls and guys leave this place easily and cleanly eh, God permits.

The rest...the ones left behind...yes with all respect it includes you and me...When will we stop taking paths other than God's path?

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