Thursday, 20 December 2007

The sacrificing

So, comes the sacrificial animals slaughtering, as naturally follows aidl adha. There is actually such an encouraging lesson behind all these , y'know. Here's how it goes:

For you who's not yet familiar with the story, the sacrificial started by a story of the prophet Abraham/Ibrahim as. been told by God to slay his son, the prophet Ismail/Ishmael as. As an offering to God, just like Abel/Abil and Cain/Qabil did so long ago. Actually, God just wanted to test Abraham's faith. Of course, God didn't immediately spoil the true intention He had been keeping until Abraham went to actually carry the order.

C'mon, gutting your own child? Well, after a little father-and-son debacle that thank God ended well, they did go to do the slaughtering.

Just at the nick of time (the knife's saying hello to Ismail's neck), God told them to halt and send them a goat/sheep. So the tradition goes untill the present day. The father and the son survived and continued to live happily after that.

How about if i say: When it's something you believe to be good because God deems it so, then do it! Even against all odds. Trust Him, in the end, He might suddenly send you His miracle. And all turns well. Even better. And beautiful.

Keep fighting the good fight, whoever read this. To the last bullet.

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