Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Ego 1#

I have just watched night news. Some reportage on global warming. Took place in Bali, again. Why should Bali? Yeah, it's the one island Sukarno promoted a lot in the past. It relates with the following essay.

So, during the news show, the reporter from Indonesian State owned television actually shot several scenes showing other reporters, especially, and also some other promiscuos personality doing their work. Some were shown bycycling, probably to the hotel where some activities related to the recent (see post's date) gobal warming conference been held. The reporters? Typing on their laptops.

Clearly, the Indonesian reporters focused on women, the ones wearing just enough to induce men's kinky fantasy. Is it because Indonesia is so hot for foreigners? The male reporters wore casual but polite dresses.

So, the Indonesian reporters...didn't they think further when shooting that their reportage would be aired in national news, something that even children can see?

The women...what would their beloved ones think, seeing they "sell" their bodies like that? Provided they keep their consciousness, their pure heart. Be one of the male reporters, for example, i'd strive for a quicky/one night stand with such beautiful young mamas. Then let's launch AIDS/HIV conference in turn. Oh, please, no &*#$ing argument on this. Free sex derogates the sacredness of love and sex itself. It nullifies hearts and minds. And it's a regrettable thing to ever let be done. Even animals have some level of hearts and minds. So ladies and gentlemen (if indeed you are that honorable), nothing funny nor admirable for being infidels/kafir. You who havent experienced it but still want to argue with me, just do it, then you argue.

Why would the above personages do all that i mention? For freedom of expresion? For personal pleasure? Not further pondering?

If you ever study, even just a bit, about global warming, then you'll find that experts are on this:
  1. It's a re-occurring natural phenomena
  2. Human actually, undeliberately, tangled in, accelerate it, making things worse

So that's why the conference being held. To make aware some things we all have to be made aware of. Then do something about it. Then USA for instance reject some conclusions which will obstruct their personal development (fortune gaining), speaking of a nation and one of the largest on earth, that is.

See? Human, with their ego. Always put their personal interest first. Isn't the global warming issue itself sufficient to warn us the stupidity of prostrating to our ego? As far as i concern, God creates this nature endowed with law. Natural laws. You go by it, you thrive. You defy it, you're almost invisible compared to the smallest planet, not to mention star. You eat what you produce yourself.

When will this ego deifying stop?

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