Sunday, 2 December 2007

Miracle quotidienne (daily miracle/mukjizat dalm hidup sehari-hari)

So, last friday i got up too late. Way too late. Cost me my first meeting in that very day. But God taught me precious lesson. Invaluable lesson, as many of God's teachings.

As i told you. Got up way too late. I had to go to masjid/mosque for the friday special prayer. Going there at 12 o'clock? it'd have been crowded to the last corner!

Hey, so we're not going? Haul ass. Move it. Sorry for my language.

I didn't get that late for no reason. For once, until then, i had been having trouble sleeping. The person i love so hard to bring that person back to the right track...the track where whatever that person decide God permits would be the best for that person. So, hardly slept.

Then, for so long a time, i'd been despising abg/teenager/persons average from 15/17 to around 23 years old, especially the product ot the latest times. So childish and yet so cocky and overconfident. Like inviting an adult's hand to slap their faces into oblivion.

Well, i arrived at the masjid, as i had predicted. Crowded, to the last corner. having had wudhu/religious purification/misogi with water, i strolled to the last line of the prayer's attendants. Looking..searching...God help me, not a single tiny spot...Untill when i travelled the back of the very last attendants line, a voice called me: "mas (brother), (come) over here"

Know what? It was a teenager, a boy, with such a soft, polite voice. Inviting me to share his sajdah (praying mat) ! In such an elbow to elbow situation!

Call it what you like. God knows better. God teaches me:
  1. When you believe in something good, fight for it. To the last bullet. Even when there seems no more long as it is something good and you do strive for it...Hey, God is easy with His miracle. It's free. He'll give you the best. Sometimes, the exact thing you've been striving for...with some bonuses.
  2. There are still noble people in this realm. Let's not too easily and quickly judge, not to mention hate, based on generalization, people coming from a certain group just because some other members of that very group happen to be jerks and the like.

Well, may God bless you= )

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