Sunday, 17 November 2013

Lot and Lot of Trouble (and Blessing) Lately

The title says it all. Haven't written on my own for a long time. Mostly editing and re-posting other people's writing. So, i came upon these this last week. One from hearing the Roja radio, and the other from watching Yusuf Mansyur led episode of Damai Indonesiaku at TV1.

Here's what i've gotten:

  1. A Faithful Servant Is A Mirror To Her/His Sisters And Brothers
    We all surely have looked for our own reflection in mirror throughout our entire life, haven't we? We looked for either beauty, handsomeness, or deficiency of it on our own outlook, on the mirror(s). Whenever we see something ruining our images, we find it by looking at our own reflection and we readily mend it, either by make up, medicine, anything. After we find them by the assistance of mirror.
Why would we do such thing, mending our appearances, our outlook? Mostly because we want to look good before certain people we deem honourable, important, etc. Does it ever cross our mind, to look as good or even better in front of The Most Important Entity of all?

That's one thing about mirror. Then, who is our mirror in this life? It is none other but our own selves for each others. When we have some mis-demeanour in our outlook, will we be able to find them out ourselves without some other people pointing them for us? So goes the same, if we all live in the same way, the way pointed by God, The All Encompassing. If we all live in our own way, our own standard, then there's no way to remind each other about our flaws, mistakes, etc, since we all have different views on many, if not every thing. But then we'll end up neglecting each other, deeming it un-necessary to check and remind each other, however gravely dangerous a path taken by our fellow might be.

So, how's the nature of mirror? It is:
  • Does a mirror ever yell at the one looking at her/his own complexion before it? It simply reflexes frankly whatever presented before it. Simply showing the truth, no more no less. So too in such fashion we should act. We don't need to yell and swear foul words etc. Just “reflect back” whatever our sisters and brothers have on themselves. May by it they will see all in their own selves and know what to fix. Because of that humble, polite sincerity.
  • Does a mirror ever lied? Save for those funny mirrors at amusement park, mirror in its silence reflect only what is presented before them. So should we, explain back nothing else but the truth, only the truth, nothing but the truth.
  • Will a mirror ever be able to reflect honestly any image before it if it is dirty, un-kemp, cracked, and so on? So do we, need to keep ourselves clean, pure, body and soul, not cracked, not bent, crooked, etc, in order to be able to reflect anything clearly, cleanly, honestly.
  • When two or more people reflect each other, act as mirrors, remember, how fragile mirror actually is. If there's even the slightest crack on it, it will cease showing clean image of ourselves perfectly. And we do need mirror, just like others too. We need each other to remind and advise each other. So don't break the mirror. Don't break each other minds and hearts. Else, we'll end up cracked or even broken to pieces, no longer fully functioning well, be it for ourselves, not to mention for each others.

2. The Qur'an As Healing For Us All
The Most Compassionate Lord of ours has decreed in His book, the holy Qur'an, that the Qur'an itself also serves as a healing, medication, for illness of hearts. In certain cases, it even either fully or partially aid the healing of physical diseases. 

So, how beautiful it is, when a servant having calamity been placed upon her/himself, instead of moaning and complaining, especially to other creatures, recite the Qur'an, be it openly or inside their hearts. To rest all her/his sorrow with her/his Lord.

It is unspeakable to show, even to exert one's flaws and misfortune before other creatures simply to gain their sympathy, in hope that they will assist us. When we do need assistance, aid, it better be for doing something good we cannot carry all by our own selves. But before God, it is simply proper to cry to our hearts content, speaking all our sadness, flaws, mistakes, needs, wants, in hope that He will shower His mercy and love upon us.

Imam Bukhari relayed that the prophet saw. did teach to pray, more the less “heal us from any sickness, illness, with Your curing O our Lord, which leaves no trace of the very sickness, for Thou art the Highest Curer/Healer

It only deservedly and logically come to conclusion that whenever we take part in any form of medication which invoke anything beside Allah The Lord Most High, then it'd be equal to we commit blasphemy to Him and therefore infidelity.

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