Thursday, 23 February 2012

Why Preaching? Part 1

  I've been preaching on non self limitating and self limitation, since it has been proven to be beneficial universally, again, without limitation. One famous Indonesian motivation speaker once mentioned that if everything in our life is the same, then we will not improve ourselves, since we'll learn nothing new. We have nothing to compare, i'd like to add. When we find things, including people, to be different, than it's not a reason not to study (or to cower away as many westerner and their impostors do) Instead, it's exactly the reason to study.

  Then, how we'd be able to extract lesson from those differences? By looking at the similarities that tie them in, that is embedded in all of them! Just because something is abstract, doesn't necessarily mean that it doesn't exist. Take electricity for example. Can we really always see or touch electrical current? You get to be electrified first then to admit its existence?

  If we human don't study continuously, openly, and dare themselves to accept anything new (not necessarily agree with it though), however despicable it might be, we'd still be in caves by now.

  When we base our judgements only on personal knowledge and personal wish, instead of the one great universal truth (this isn't abstract either), we'll never reach peace, unity, and harmony, since human knowledge is limited and there are billions of human being here. Each with their own personal believe.

  So, it is not about the right to think, but about what is really right. Please differ what is truly right with thinking oneself as being right.

  At best, we'll attain peace by not adhering to the one real truth, peace between human, rarely with nature (to our own disaster). Like the Palestinians and israelis. Smiling in front, knives behind. What separate it from hypocrisy. Not to mention it will never endure, such "peace". Just postponing underlying conflicts. Unless we enjoy conflicts? I experienced the 1996-1998 riots in Jakarta and its surrounding, and it wasn't fun.

  To study is to step out of long held comfort (If it is comfortable at all. Be honest to yourselves).

  Well, thanks for being around. May Allah shines His light on us all.

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