Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Want vs Wanting

  According to the Merriam Webster dictionary, want has the meaning of: as verb: 1 : to fail to possess : LACK  2 : to feel or suffer the need of 3 : NEED, REQUIRE 4 : to desire earnestly : WISH; as noun : 1 : a lack of a required or usul amount : SHORTAGE 2 : dire need : DESTITUTION 3 : something wanted :DESIRE 4 : personal defect : FAULT

  Ever saw the movie Gods Must Be crazy, part I and II? 

  Even if you haven't, let's ponder a little. So what's the real meaning of want? Is it wanting this, wanting that...or simply wishing to fulfil something that is due and yet lacking, something substantial? Like the need for food, housing, clothing...the need to improve oneself to be a better person...

  So, we indeed blessed by God's grace called desire. It's what separate us from animals and plants. But what is really deserved to be desired for? Just because we haven't owned a Ferrari or Lamborghini, 

or haven't collected 200 plus new g.i.joe figures, haven't bought the latest genuine European perfumes, 

will that makes us a stupid, deficient person? Will it even render us death? Or will it deliver us straight to hell, just because we haven't earned, haven't purchased them? Not to mention haven't shown them to others as collection...

  Mind you and mind myself, there are so many people in this world alone that still haven't been able to figure out not just what will they have for dinner or lunch, but even when will they ever eat or eat decently, ever again.


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