Monday, 31 August 2009

Goodness, Kindness, Which Is Good and Kind?

An acquaintance of mine once said that in doing something good, beneficial, kind, the only thing that matter is our will/intention/motivation. By that, i interpreted that's it, that's all.

Is It?


Not apprehending what we will or is doing, also what we've done, not finding the truth about it first, what effects it will cause, will i benefit others by doing so, etc, is a sin in itself. In the past, in the colonial era, the british and the french and some other old european powers launched their conquering campaign that spun for centuries, under the pretext of spreading peace, law, and order over their then becoming dominion. so, many of their young citizens joined their armed forces and eventually backed up the colonizing programme.

Did they do more goodness to the colonized countries' native inhabitants? Well, did we learn subjective or objective history?

What is good according to one man might not be good for another. Forcing our version of goodness then itself is violating kindness and good will principle. Yes, as long as we intend to do good it will be appreciated. By God, usually, not by fellow human. Why? Because each sides define everything from their own perception from the beginning.

But we do deemed to do goodness, kindness, right? So which is good and kind?

The bible says "Don't lay yourself to the opinion of others, but rely yourself on the opinion of God". The prophet Muhammad saw/pbuh said "Ignorance/foolishness/stupidity is so close to sin doing" If someone is not aware of what she/he is doing, she/he might end up doing something that is bad to others, without ever realizing nor intending to do so deliberately.

So, let's not base our decision on selfish, petty human thoughts. Let's find the truth. The real truth.

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