Monday, 31 August 2009

Answered by a Slap

A young man who has just returned from studying abroad comes approaching an ustadz (muslim cleric, or religious figure, for there's no priesthood in islam). After reception, he asks straightly to the point:
" I've been keeping these questions i got from abroad, and so far, no muslim, including ustadzs, ever be able to answer them. Then i approach you. May i ask them?"

The ustadz replies "with God's permission, i'll answer them".

The lad says "i told you, no muslim including any ustadz has ever be able to answer them up until now. Are you sure yo'll answer them?"

The ustadz, showing a bit of hesitation, replies "I'm God's servant. I'll strive to do what i need to do with His leave".

"Fine", replies the young man. "Here are they:
  1. Does God really exist? Proof it if you say so.
  2. What's this thing called fate? As if every man has her/his pre-destined destination.
  3. If you all believe satan was made out of fire, why would God throw him to hell anyway, at the end? Both are made of fire. Would something hurts other that has been made of the same substance?
" Is that it?", asks the ustadz.
"Yup, there they are", replies the lad.

The ustadz says "give some time to ponder please"
"Surely", replies the boy.

"With God's permission, i'll answer them now"

Before the young man has time to do anything...

The ustadz slaps the young man's face hardly and swiftly. "What the...!?!", says the young man in awe. The ustadz then says "There goes your answer". The young man says "what kind of @#*% answer was that!?!"
The ustadz then says "What do you feel after i slapped you?" The lad says "Terrible pain!". The ustadz asks "Please explain to me what pain is. show it to me before my eyes, or hand it to my grab". "I can't!" replies the lad. "I can't even see it!". "But you believe it exists?", asks the ustadz. "Damn sure i do!" says the boy.
"Now so is God. We all can feel and believe His existence by feeling His presence, for example, by seeing all His creation. Although He Himself is yet visible".
"What my hand was made of?" asks the ustadz.
"Flesh and blood, bones, covered with skin", replies the young man.
"So we are the same, especially your cheek and my hand, and yet you still felt pain, correct?
"I did", answered the lad.
"What will prevent God from making hell made of fire able to hurt satan, who also had been made from the same substance then?"
"Have you predicted that i'd slap you?"
"No, replied the young man".
"There's fate. Something that ought to happen will eventually simply happen. We'll never guessed them out".
Does this story slap any of us?