Friday, 15 March 2013

The Flight Of The Bee

  Do you wish to see me wrote "The Flight Of The Bumblebee":)? I'm truly sorry. I admit i did gain my inspiration from that classical piece of Nikolai Rimsky, its title of course, which also one of my favourite classical piece, but noo..this won't be about that song.

  Ok, here's a picture of Bee
  Here's another one

  Fine, to get moving forward, i just would like to say that there's is actually a surah entitled "The Bee" in the Qur'an. Funnily, the animal mentioned the most inside it is the cow! But God does speak about bee somewhere else. God mentions in the qur'an that "He disdains not to use the similitude of a gnat" (larvae of mosquitoes etc) to teach us (the Qur'an 2nd surah verse 26).

  Let's take a look at bees. Deep look, not just western, hellenisteic inspired superficial physycal sensual look. But REAL DEEP look.
  1. Bees only come to good quality plants with good quality flowers. Then they just take what they need, which is good quality pollen.
  2. They just take what they need, leaving everything else intact. Even help inter-plants pollination/seeding.
  3. They work together with all their very body and souls, just for the welfare of the whole colony.
  4. They don't disturb anybody deliberately. But if their home and family get harassed, they will give their bodies and souls to destroy the attacker.
  Why won't we be like them?
  I don't say "why can't we be like them" because God permit we CAN. The question left is our willingness.
  1. We come just to good places, good neighbourhood, good surroundings, doing good things only.
  2. Doing good things only includes leaving all we don't need intact, even better if we can bring improvement (aren't bees actually hellp plants pollinating/seeding each other?)
  3. We are all individuals, but the fact, out of all selfishly made presumption, human ones, is that we all come from One Source and will go home to One Destination. We are part of the same universe and we need each other and slowly or quickly, directly or not, all our actions influence each other. So we all better work together towards one universal, all encompassing mutual benefit and goodness.
  4. Not deliberately disturbing anybody who has not done anything wrong to us. But when our family, community, home, belief, is harassed, we are prepared to die for their salvation.

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