Sunday, 11 March 2012

Modern Names Calling

Extremist, fundamentalist, racist, fanatics, etc.

  Decades, even centuries ago, colonialist all over the world have started assigning those names to the freedom fighters of the countries the colonized. Third world countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America. While those people were in reality the very people who strived and suffered as the result of striving, for liberty of their own people, from the ones who called them with those names and do nothing sincerely, but to suck dry, extort labour (either under paid or not paid at all) from the indigenuous people and the natural resources of those very country they colonized.
  So, why should today's muslims and freedom fighters bother about the names the descendants of those colonialist extortionists put for them? What's the difference with the past? Those western colonialist extortionist come to, again, the third world countries, including the ones with muslim majorities, force and coerce, hashly or subtly, the locals' will to be allowed to extort natural resources (many times without regard to the surrounding natives and the impact on the surrounding natural environment), and put forward commerce run by themselves, forcing in their culture, their way of living, and so on. If the people don't give in to them, they won't hesitate to call them with those names above, and even to use force to make those people succumb to their will, just like what they did in China during the last dinasty, the C'hin dinasty. Then they make up good names to themselves, such as the liberator etc. In liberating, they of course need oil to run their machineries, help from the locals in the form of labour (better be cheap), etc.
  Or, they make, either by opening themselves, or by secretly adopting, to the local youths, so these latter will join education institutions in their countries. Upon returning to their "primitive" homelands, these youths don't always bring new good things, including new knowledge, to improve their motherland, but many times simply foreign high education degrees that enable them to beat their own sisters and brothers in competing for jobs and new attitudes, the one that makes them consciously or not support the westerners who gave them the education and need them as the extension of their arms in running those local countries. And start calling their own people who don't go along with them with those very bad names/callings.
  Those who create those bad names, bad calling...even with all their moneys and their so called advanced technologies (sometimes purposefully made to be extremely non-environmental friendly)...they hardly manage their countries really well. They still have corruption, rapes, extreme poverty...yet they have the time to come to other people's countries simply to force and coerce the indigenuoes people to go by their wish. Travelling many distances, using force enough to annihilate big portion of earth and its population. And start to create and call bad names to ones who resist their will.

  Who is, according to the facts, your clear consciousness and logic, the extremist ones?

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