Tuesday, 6 October 2009

The Happening-Qur'an/Koran 1#

At 30th october 2009, earthquake stroke twice. The epicenter were then defined as the Samoa island. It stroke several inhabited places in southeast Asia, including Singapur, Jambi...yet the worst struck was a province known as Padang/West Sumatra in Indonesia.

The areas struck at that province were beautiful ones. They were surrounded by clean sea with clean beach...hills...cool climate...beautiful natural scenery and all. The inhabitants of Padang have been mainly muslims, and they have been known for their trademanship. It has been said once that in asia, they rival the chinese.

The majority of the inhabitants, at least rumored to be so in the past, may God straighten this up, are keen to judge almost everything on wordly, material value. Wealth, richness, etc. Not to mention being crooked at their trading venture.

So, again, the earthquake struck twice, at 17.16 pm local time, then again at 17.38 pm.

For all who are still alive today and happen to read this article, i beg you to dare yourself to open and read the islam holy book, the qur'an, right from the 17th surat, from verse 16 to 38. Read them, please.

The lesson, of course, is not reserved just for the victims or inhabitants of the stricken areas, Padang and the rest. It is also mainly for the rest of us, who were spared of their fate and yet witnessed, aware of, that very tragedy.

Then, judge for yourself.

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